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ALNC - A Link NextDoor Club

A LINK: Neighborhood Communications

High Quality Service, Low Dues

ALNC - A Link: Neighbor Communications creates opportunities for Laguna Woods Village Residents to become more involved in the everyday processes that make "The Village" great.  We have an interest in keeping the HOA Dues Low while maintaining High Quality Services for all Residents to enjoy.  We advise and encourage Residents to get involved in any area of interest to make a positive impact by working closely with the Board of Directors.  Residents are informed of important meetings, upcoming Resolutions and anything and everything that will impact their life here at Laguna Woods Village.  Residents work together to accomplish this goal so that the burden is not on the few for the many, but instead the burden is shared by the many while interacting favorably with the few Board of Directors of each mutual and the Golden Rain Foundation.  ALNC hosts round table discussions in an effort to engage, and empower Village Residents into focused action for positive change.  Some issues to consider:  1)  How do we control costs?  2)  Is there an alternative to the current bus service?  3)  Do we need better security?, is our current security effective?, can it be improved?  4)  Are non-residents taking advantage of our amenities?, 5)  Does Channel 6 need to be revamped?, where does the revenue go?  You can join our active online forum where we post meetings, events & where LWV Residents share topics of interest:


This is for Laguna Woods Residents Only.  Residents are verified to protect the integrity of the site and all neighbors.  You can manage your incoming emails on our NextDoor website by going to SETTINGS, click next to your name, the SETTINGS will be on the drop-down, adjust the inflow of emails to your liking.  If you need any help, email: 

Membership in ALNC and the online forum is FREE                              and for Village Residents only.