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Golden Girl Dance Group


Dedicated to LW Residents

Golden Girl Dance Troupe  2017
Dedicated to Laguna Woods Residents

The Golden Girl Dance Troupe will present our 4th annual performance for the Laguna Woods community.  We will present many entertaining performances, including Chinese folk Dance, Mongolian Dance,Tibetan Dance,Traditional Dance, Singers, a Magician, Shaolin Gong-fu, Martial Arts Kung Fu, Wushu, ChiGong, 18 types of  Chinese Weapons, Self-defense Tactics, Lion, and Dragon Dancing. We will show you more than 30 kinds of traditional Chinese Cheongsam culture.

All profits from ticket sales will be donated to Jasmine Human Services and the Laguna Woods Foundation


           Performance Art Center-Club House 3                                                              Saturday, July 29 at 2 p.m.

                                       Saturday, July 29 at 7 p.m.   


Tickets: $10 $15 $20 


 Tickets will be on  sale starting May 1st  at the Performing Arts Center box office.  


Call 949-597-4288 for more info


Address: 23822 Avenida Sevilla


Laguna Woods CA 92637



Red Lantern

     Red Lantern

Shaolin Temple martial arts expert and Hollywood movie star Bruce Wen. Members of his martial arts school will perform a 10-minute demonstration of Shaolin martial arts.

Chinese Action Movie Star ShaoLin Gongfu



Thousand- hand Bodhisattva Dance
Thousand- hand Bodhisattva Dance
Thousand- hand Bodhisattva Dance

Three famous singers from Los Angeles — tenor Shao Ying, tenor Tian Jianli, and baritone Wang Zehue — will sing three songs: Follow You, Sing for You, and My Sunshine. They will be accompanied on the piano by Letitia Zeng, Professor of Music at Guangzhou Conservatory of Music.

Kwangho Seo, pianist

Kwangho Seo is a Korean-born American pianist.  He began music study with the violin when he was six years old, and later he switched to the piano.   At the age of nineteen, he won the top prize at the National Music Competition in Seoul, Korea. 

He holds the Master’s degree in piano performance from Cleveland Institute of Music in Ohio, and Ithaca College School of Music in New York.  He also studied at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois for a Doctorate  program.  Kwangho Seo has taught at Ithaca College in New York and at North Park College in Chicago.   He has been performing solo recitals and chamber music concerts in many cities.  He currently resides with his wife, Mimi, in Laguna Woods Village.

 Famous Chinese Hollywood magic castle magician, ZeYou Zhou,
 a star performer in the Shanghai Magic Troupe, which has toured the world, will perform a 10-minute magic show.   






              The “Golden Girls Dancing Group” 

In Laguna Woods Village, Orange County California, there is a group of pretty Chinese ladies who love dancing and doing charitable work. In 2013 they gathered together and formed the “Golden Girl Dance Group”. Since then, they have performed 6 special shows on 3 different occasions for the people of Laguna 

Woods Village. 

In 2017, their 5th year, they will give 2 special performances on July 29th, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, at the Art Center of Laguna Woods Village in Clubhouse3.  The money collected from ticket sales will be donated to charity.

While everyone is home enjoying time with their friends and families during holidays such as Christmas, Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, these ladies are busy performing. They practice hard and perform in Laguna Woods Village and at neighboring senior centers and nursing homes, bringing their warmth, concern and love. They perform over 20 shows each year.

Representing the Chinese Americans, they participated in the Asian American Spring Festival Evening Show, the Charity Performance of the Chinese Community in LA area, the California Chinese Spring Festival Evening Show and shows on various TV programs.

The group received numerous positive comments and reviews. Multiple news outlets and Laguna Woods Village newspapers have reported on their performances and they have been interviewed on TV several times. They are proud to have brought attention and pride to the local Chinese and to the Laguna Woods Village.

For their two shows on July 29, 2017 at the Arts Center of Laguna Woods Village, the Golden Girls have planned a whole new set of performances.  Audiences will hear beautiful songs by three famous singers from the the China Opera House.  They will see performances of classical dances, amazing martial arts star Bruce Wen and his team from Hollywood, an incredible magic performance by a Master of Magic from Hollywood, and a thrilling Korean drum dance and of course, the performance will include the ever-popular fashion show of traditional "Cheongsam" dresses. This new 2017 lineup will be a fantastic event for all to enjoy.

We invite our friends from Laguna Woods and surrounding areas to come and enjoy this exciting and entertaining performance.


Welcome Everyone!
Coming GoldenGirlDanceGroup 2017
Direct Contact info:
 Nancy Yu: 760-481-2263
  To place an advertisement in our program, which will be printed in color and distributed to more than 1,600 people, contact
GodlenGirl at 
760-481-2263 "
Donation to Jasmine Human Services
Benefit to LW Foundation
Donation mail to: 927 N Main Orange CA 92867 

Golden Girl Dance Group Inderpendent Day Celebration

club house three performances



Golden Girl Dance Group Three Big Events Performance 


Friends:  Last year 's Moon Festival dance show garnered enthusiastic audience requests for a next time. We are please to announce that the next Asian dance show has been scheduled.  The program includes Chinese classical , temple, and modern dances as well as songs performed solo, as duets, or by a chorus.  Among the performers are the winner of the Chinese National Peking Opera Actor award, a winner in the 11th World Belly Dancing Competition from China, and Southern California's 2004 belly dancing winner of the Dance of the Universe and People’s Choice Award.


Time :        July 18 : 7:00 PM

                  July  19: 2:00 PM

                   July 19:  7:00 PM

Location : LagunaWood ClubHouse 3 Main Auditorium

23822 Avenida Sevilla  

Laguna Woods CA

Box Office: (949) 597-4287

Ticket: $12. $10


    We invite you to enjoy the richness of the cultural diversity in Laguna Woods Village.  We look forward to entertaining you. A substantial part of the net proceeds will benefit the Foundation for Laguna Woods.


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