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Third Mutual General Information

Third Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

The Third Laguna Hills Mutual Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at Laguna Woods City Hall.

The Following Committees Meet Monthly - unless noted:

Agenda Prep



Maintenance and Construction (every other month)

Communications Committee

Governance Committee

Energy Committee (every other month)

New Resident Orientation

Architectural Controls and Standards

Residency and Compliance Task Force

Water Conservation (every other month)

Executive Committee

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Third Board and Committee Agendas

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Third - Board Minutes and Resolutions

Third Mutual Audited Financial Statement

Third Laguna Hills Mutual Business Plan

Insurance Policy Notifications - Third

Third Mutual Insurance Policy disclosures, which are included in the annual mailing and updated periodically throughout the year - click on the red arrows for detailed information....

Third Mutual Governing Documents

Keep reading for copies of the Third Mutual Bylaws, Articles, and CC&Rs.

Third Mutual Operating Rules

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Third Mutual Rule Change Notifications
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Third Village Helper Program

The All-Volunteer Program Aims to Assist Residents in Navigating the Complex Request and Resolution Processes in Laguna Woods Village

Third Laguna Hills Mutual (Third) has developed the Village Helper Program, a program exclusively for residents of Third to assist them in navigating the complex request and resolution processes in Laguna Woods Village.

Although many residents can navigate the systems successfully, this program is designed to assist people who are in need of help or frustrated. The program, conceived by former Third Director Judith Troutman, is run completely by resident volunteers.

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Orientation for New Third Residents

New Resident Orientation Meetings are held in the Board Room each month. Designed to help new residents quickly transition into their new homes, this is a great opportunity to meet other new residents and representatives from the community. or telephone: 949-268-2271 for reservations. Note that Orientation Meetings are subject to change.

Click here to watch the Third New Resident Orientation Video.

Third Mutual Quality of Life Survey Results

This Research Report is prepared by Won Ho Chang, Chairman of the Community Revitalization Committee, and published by the Third Laguna Hills Mutual of Laguna Woods Village.

Click here for a .pdf version of the report.