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We are L.I.F.E. which stands for Literature, Involvement, Friendship and Education.  

          We are an independent organization and membership is open to all residents of The Village.  Our dues are $20.00 per year and General Meetings are free to our members.

We recently donated $2,500 to the Foundation of Laguna Woods as well as other causes. 
           There is a Book & Author Program, a Game Day with a magnificent sweet table set from noon until 3:00 P. M.  Each December we have a combined birthday and an officer installation party.  Varied programs are offered throughout the year. All General Meetings are free to members.

Friendship groups are formed by people with like interests.  There are movie, reading, game, ethnic dining and theatre groups to choose from as well as new groups in the works.  These groups meet in the homes of members and many times friendships develop.  As long as there are people to lead the groups, the possibilities are limitless. 

Life Lines, our newsletter is published 6 times a year and contains program notes. 

Dues payable to L.I.F.E. may be sent to Vivienne Solomon, 3281 San Amadeo, unit B, Laguna Woods.  I am Sylvia Quittman , President and my phone number is: 859-7420 or speak to Executive Vice President, Jeannie Kelemanm at 951-1727. 

          Thank you for your time. Please watch the “Globe” for specific dates, times and locations for L.I.F.E. programs.












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