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Village Beaders

We Bead and Share in a Friendly Environment

Come join us.


Where: Pine Room, Community Administration Building on El Toro Road, just west of the Ayres Hotel

When: 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. second and fourth Monday of each month, with two or three exceptions. . .:

no meeting at the end of May if the fourth Monday falls on Memorial Day, 

no meeting on Columbus Day in October because the Community Center is closed,

and only on the second Monday of December, when we celebrate the holidays and year-end.


The purpose of the Village Beaders is primarily social for those who share a passion for beading and want a dedicated time and place devoted to creative artistry. Those interested in developing beading skills will have an opportunity to benefit from informal interaction with members whose skills are more advanced. Join us for an opportunity to share learning and gain inspiration from display of finished pieces or works in progress.


Membership & Guest Information:

New membership is open to Laguna Woods Village residents only.

Payment of $12 covers the cost of new membership; dues include meetings once or twice each month during a calendar year.  

Resident non-members are invited to visit occasionally and welcome to join at any time of the year.

Non-resident guests accompanied by a resident club member or non-member may also visit occasionally.

One or more group projects may be occasionally offered during regular meetings; to participate a fee may apply.  



President:  Jane Warthen

VP:  Jeanne Arnold

Treasurer:  Robbie McCarty

Secretary:  Gayle Gomez

Hospitality:  Donna Johnson              


The content and opinions are solely those of Village Beaders. 
Neither GRF nor the Managing Agent is responsible for the accuracy or validity of content.


Inspired Artistry:   Photos Shared by Members during 2016

Ornament by Betty Lucas


Fantasy Flower from a collection created by Eve Beck


Prior to 2016, some members chose to work on a selected project each month.  As more members became interested in working independently on projects of their choice, a decision was made to transition our focus to providing a time and place for shared camaraderie among beading enthusiasts and artists.  Listed below is a sampling of what we've done in the past as a group, along with images shared by members.

2015 Projects:

January:  Crystal V-Necklace

February:  Decreasing Peyote Hearts Bracelet

March:  Peyote Triangles Bracelet

April:  Twin Tila Necklace

May:  Kaledoscope Contours Necklace

June:  RAW Victorian Necklace

July:  Kumihimo Technique

August:  Dagger Duo Bracelet

September:  Two-Hole Flower Power Earrings

October:  3-Drop Peyote Bracelet

November:  Multi-color Peyote Bracelet

Note: during December members display their selected projects, followed by an optional Club Luncheon



2015 April Project, 2-Row Sample

Twin Tila Necklace made by Tania Addington:



2015 March Project Variation 

Peyote Triangles made by Barbara Hack:

2015 January Project made by Donna Johnson

2012 March Project Variation by Ellen Liu

Additional Creations by Ellen Liu . . .

2012 March Project Leader's Sample:  
Spiral Necklace of Bicone Crystals and Seed Beads
What do you notice about this that's rather unusual?

2012 February Project Bracelet or Necklace of Cascading Tilas, 
crafted by Tania Addington (left) and Donna Johnson (center and right)

2012 January Project Necklace 
with v-inspired bracelet & earrings, crafted by Gayle Gomez

   May 2011 Project

Heirloom netting beaded by Gerda Gallob

Project for March 2010, with clasp closure

Beaded by Ellen Liu

Butterfly beaded by Jeanne Arnold
Pattern provided and taught by
    Tania Addington

January 2010
Beaded and taught by Anais Mittenberg

Anais Mittenberg instructing

November 2
Image of beaded tree009
Beading by Gayle Gomez.
Pattern provided
and taught by Tania Addington

Beaders at work

Beaders at work

Tania Addington teaching the
right-angle stitch, February 2010

Right-angle bracelet beaded by Tania

Right-angle glasses chain beaded by Tania



Here are our selected projects of the month in recent years:

2014 Projects:

January: Collier du Soleil

February: Bracelet of rounds and crystals

March: Embellished SuperDuo Choker

April: Easy SuperDuo Peyote V-Necklace with optional pendant, earrings and bracelet

May:  Scalloped Pearl Bracelet

June: Cubes & Cradles Bracelet using Bead Weaving Technique

July: Checkerboard Tilas & Crystals Bracelet

August: Puffy Rings SuperDuo Bracelet

September: Two-Step X-Weave Bracelet of Pearls & Bicones

October: Herringbone Stitch 4-pronged Crystals Bracelet

November: SuperDuo & Pearls Bracelet

Note: during December members display their selected projects, followed by an optional Club Luncheon

2013 Projects:
January:  Y-Necklace of Drops & Dangles in a St. Petersburg chain

February: Russian Snake Stitch Bracelet

March:  Dome of Pearls Pendant (on a metal base)

April: Casual Contour Choker of Pearls, Faceted Rounds and Bicone Crystals

May:  Kumihimo Braided Necklace

June:  Echoes of Nefertiti, a museum-worthy piece with fan-shaped embellishments

July:  Net Some Glamour:  Netted Rope embellished with Graduated Rounds

August:  Do-it-yourself Necklace embellished with spiral loops

September:  St. Petersburg Chain

October:  Poinsettia Necklace

November:  Independent Project of Choice


During December members display their selected projects, followed by an optional Club Luncheon  


2012 Projects: 
January:  Pearl & Seed Bead Necklace with a Center V Focal Point in a Right Angle Weave Design

February:  Cascading Tila Bracelet with Drop or Seed Bead Accents

March:  Sparkling Spiral Necklace of Bicone Crystals and Seed Beads

April:  Bracelet Choices

May:  Spiky Tila Bracelet

June: Tila Curve Bracelet

July:  Russian Wave Bracelet

August: Tila Deco Bracelet

September: Totally Tubular

October:  Pearl & Crystal Bracelet 

November: Pearl & Crystal Necklace

Note: during December members display their selected projects, followed by an optional Club Luncheon



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