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Take Off Pounds Sensibly


TOPS - CA 1109

(Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

TOPS is an international non-profit weight-loss organization, helping members achieve their weight loss goals through  various programs and group support.

The Village TOPS Club meets on Wednesday mornings from 
8:55 - 10:00 a.m. in Clubhouse 1 in the meeting room next to
the Drop-In Lounge.  All Village men and women wanting to
get their weight under control are invited to come to the meetings. 

Each meeting provides a special program, along with motivation, 
information, support, and fellowship. Come join us! 

TOPS Members


Janis Riehl displays her "Before" Pants


TOPS Board Members for 2017-2018 
Leader - Judy Nussbaum, 714-907-5435
Co-leader - Donna Bailey, 949-583-1060
Secretary - Lori Mason
Treasurer - Sandy Kauwling
Recorder - Elaine Battin
Asst. Recorder - Janis Riehl
Program Chairs - Lee Sobelman and Marilyn Concoff


Board Member Installation

August 2017

From left to right are Elaine Battin, Lori Mason, Judy Nussbaum, Donna Bailey, and Sandy Kauwling  


Libbie Wargo and Monya Katz present donation check from TOPto Lara Fisher for South County Outreach

November 2016

Lee Sobelman, Marilyn Concoff, (TOPS Program Chairs), Lara Fisher (South County Outreach), and Donna Bailey 


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