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Operating Rules

Operating Rules and Helpful Information
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Suspect a Community Rule Violation? The Compliance Department is here to Investigate

In order to protect and encourage the wellness, safety and harmony of the residents of Laguna Woods Village, there are rules and restrictions to which residents must abide. Each resident of the Community is obligated to comply with the rules, terms, and conditions as set forth in their Mutuals’ governing documents. The Mutual Boards actively administer these rules, and engage their staff to enforce them.

The Compliance Department at Laguna Woods Village receives written complaints from residents on matters alleging a violation of Mutual rules.

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Rules for Distribution of Materials

Political candidates and their volunteers/workers must obtain a Pass to Distribute Information from the Community Access Department before entering and distributing publications in the Community.

The GRF rules only permit candidates and their volunteers/workers to leave publications at the thresholds of front doors. Publications may not be distributed in community facilities, on vehicles, on doors, in mail boxes, posted on trees, street light poles, gates/fences or any other surface within the community. The Pass to Distribute Information does not allow the candidate or their volunteers/workers access to any community amenities or facilities.

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