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Animal Control and Pet Regulations

Animal Control Services Provided by City of Laguna Woods

The City of Laguna Woods contracts with the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter to provide animal control/code enforcement services to all Laguna Woods residents. Click arrows for contact information.

Guidelines for Dog Owners

Pursuant to Rules & Regulations adopted by the Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna, click the arrows to see Guidelines for Dog Owners.

Laguna Woods Pet Limit Regulations

On July 1, 2009, the City of Laguna Wood’s new pet limit regulations will became effective. Individuals cannot keep more than three cats and dogs, no more than two of which can be dogs, in a residence. The Laguna Beach animal shelter, which provides animal licensing services for Laguna Woods, will no longer license more than two dogs per address in the City. There is a “no fee” exception permit process for residents who have more than three pets, or two dogs, when the new regulations take effect.

Coyote Information

Laguna Woods is experiencing increased coyote activity. Keep your cats inside and your dogs always on a leash when they are out of the house. Carry a stick and a whistle or rattle and walk with others if possible. Avoid walking your dog in the early morning hours or anytime after dark.

To report a coyote, especially one exhibiting unusual or stalking behavior, call Laguna Woods Village Security at 949-580-1400.

Click here for information about coyote hazing.

Keep reading for watch a brief PSA on coyote safety.

Rattlesnake Sightings

Recently, there have been an increased number of calls from residents and Village employees reporting rattlesnakes in the community.

If you see a rattlesnake, please do not attempt to catch or kill the rattlesnake.  Instead, call Laguna Beach Animal Control at 949-497-0701.

If the snake is sighted after normal business hours, please report the rattlesnake to Security Dispatch at 580-1400 and they will report it to Animal Control.