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Village Management Services, Inc.

Village Management Services, Inc. (VMS) is a mutual-benefit nonprofit corporation, established to provide professional management services to the community.

VMS was created to benefit the residents of Laguna Woods Village. The VMS mission and purpose is to serve the Golden Rain Foundation and the Housing Mutuals of The Village.

VMS is governed by a 9 member volunteer Board of Directors. All Directors are resident owners, and cannot serve on any other Board of Laguna Woods Village.

The VMS Board is appointed by:

- 3 Members from United Mutual
- 3 Members from Third Mutual
- 3 Members from GRF

To contact VMS:

Village Management Services, Inc.
PO Box 2220
Laguna Woods, CA  92654

Village Management Services, Inc. Board of Directors

VMS, Inc. Organization Chart

Click here for the VMS Organization Chart


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