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Rock 'n' Rollers

Welcome to the Rock 'n' Rollers Webpage

Rock "n" Rollers Present


Featuring Full Spectrum

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017

Clubhouse 2

We are taking this opportunity to Honor ALL our Veterans who have served our Nation, Faithfully and with Honor.

We Salute You!

Doors Open 5:30 pm/Music Begins-Ends 6-9 pm

Pay at the Door:  Members $5.00 Non Members $10.00  (BYOE)

AttireRed, White and  Blue

Event information ONLY: Call Janey Dorrell (949) 280-4230

Membership Information ONLY: Gloria Morgan ( 




All non-resident guests must be called in through the main gate by a resident of Laguna Woods.


Schedule for 2017:

January 14 – Clubhouse 2 -ZBops - Jail House Rock  

February 11 – Clubhouse 2 - Full Spectrum - Sweetheart Dinner Dance 
March 11- Clubhouse 2  - The Grumps - St.  Patrick's – Rockin’ With The Leprechaun
April 8  - Clubhouse 2- Rock-Its- Springs A Hoppin’ 
May 27 – Clubhouse 5 -  Sophisicats  - American Band Stand
June 10 – Clubhouse 2 - ZBops - At The Hop
July 8 – Clubhouse 2  - South County- Summer Times Blues
August 12 – Clubhouse 2 - Daze of Blue - Good Vibrations
September 9 – Clubhouse 2 - Rockits – Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay
Dinner dance
October 14 – Clubhouse 2 - Topper - Monster Mash
November 11 – Clubhouse 2 - Full Spectrum - Red White And Blue
December 9  - Clubhouse 2 -  Grumps -Winter Wonderland - Dinner

Fun and Friendship Golf

A great way to meet new people!

Fun and Friendship Golf

(By reservation only)

at the Regulation Course

October 15, 2017

Tee Time is 1:30 pm - Registration is on a first come first serve basis

and is limited to 44 golfers.

(Participants are required to be at the starting area 15 minutes prior to their tee time.  Please allow time to rent golf cart, if needed.)

Dinner After Golf at Clubhouse 2, Gravilla Room

Price: Members $18, Non Guests $22

Includes 9 holes of golf, dinner and adult beverages

Dinner Only:

Members $12.00

Non-Members  $16.00

 *** This Event Is For Laguna Woods Residents and Their Guests Only ***

Make check out to "Rock n Rollers" and submit registrations to:

  Jane Bretter, 238 Aragon #B, Laguna Woods, 92637

for additional information, call Jane Bretter at (310) 612-2638

(Flyer attached-under "more")

How Can I Join the Rock 'n' Rollers?

I want to be a Member!

If you've heard about the Rock 'n' Rollers, or you have attended one of our great events, you may want to find out about joining!  If you can relate to rock & roll years of the 1950's and 1960's, join the Rock 'n' Rollers Club.  Note:  Membership is open to Laguna Woods residents only.

If you join after September 1, your $15 annual dues will include membership for all of the following year!  Here is what to on "more" to find out!

How are we Different from other clubs?

Not What You Might Expect

The Rock 'n' Rollers is an official Laguna Woods Village club, and has been since early 2002.  In 2003 we enrolled over 400 members. 

Members pay $15 per year dues, and there are no age  requirements (high or low) -- so if you relate to the rock & roll music of the 50s and 60s, then this is your club. We are a different generation of Laguna Woods Village residents, the new generation, so to speak. Many of us have kids in school, parents to take care of, even on-going careers!  We spend more time than most other residents outside the gates of our community. We are busy people! 

That is why we chose to skip the usual "monthly meetings" for members. We just want to have FUN! With no regular meetings, communication with our membership is more of a challenge, but we are finding ways to meet that challenge. One way is electronic communication -- EMAIL.  It is wonderful, fast, and free!   And of course we rely on our Laguna Woods Globe as well, and try to advertise our events well in advance.

Rock 'n' Rollers is a different kind of club in other ways too.... Read on! 

Who are the Rock 'n' Rollers?

A Mini-History of Our Club

In early 2002, an upbeat new retiree moved into the community.  Trying to find people her own age to hang out with, she visited a few of the established clubs.  Not what she was looking for.  So she invited people in her age bracket to meet and talk about starting their own club.  She made 35 printed questionnaires and was amazed when almost 150 people showed up!  A steering committee was quickly put together, a mixer held, members enrolled, and WOW, the next thing she knew, she was the founder of a brand new club! And that was just the beginning!

It wasn't easy at the beginning...  as a matter of fact, there was a dilemma.  To actually register as an official club, a club name was necessary, along with at least 20 people who would agree to be members, a list of people who would agree to run things, and  a "statement of purpose" describing in a nutshell what the members had in common.  Although most of us are in our fifties and sixties, our description saying so was rejected as a "duplication of another club's mission."  We were back to square one!

After hours of brain hit us.  It was the MUSIC of the 50s and 60s that we shared... the rock & roll era, American Bandstand, Elvis, etc.  That was the common thread!  We grew up listening and dancing to rock & roll, and it was part of our lives, our memories, our friends and our fun.  We sure loved it as teenagers, and most of us still love it now, and probably will forever, whether we were fifty or ninety.  We reasoned that club members who had never met before would at least have THAT in common, and we could build from there!  We could relate to the groups and the songs, and probably know most of the words to those wonderful rock & roll classics.  The influence of that music was HUGE on our generation, and we definitely know who we are.  The "Magic Moments" of "Blue Moon," "Chantilly Lace," and "The Great Pretender" belong to us.  We chose a name that described a generation. 

We became what we had always been anyway.... the ROCK 'N' ROLLERS.

Who to Contact

Special Interest Groups

Finding other Rock 'n' Rollers to hang out with is EASY now!  Members can use their  roster to find people who share their interests. But even better, members and guests can attend the Rock 'n' Rollers BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) events, or find an "interest group" you like in order to meet friends of the same generation who like to do what you like to do! There may already be a group actively pursuing YOUR favorite activity so take a look at the list of  Interest Groups and contact person. 


Golf:  contact  Jane Bretter -- 310-612-2638
The golfers meet the third Sunday of every month

 Bunco:  contact Monya Katz -- 291-9963
Bunco meets on the third Monday of every month

Book Club:  contact Pam Hirshberg -- 458-1721
The Book meets on the third Wednesday of every month

If you have an idea for a new interest group, contact 
John Lesak -- 454-2174


Find the Suggestion Box!

Your Ideas are Welcome!

Look for the Suggestion Box at all future Rock 'n' Rollers events.  Your ideas are encouraged and welcome!  

YOU are the Rock 'n' Rollers... so tell us what you would like to do for fun!  Excursions?  Trips?  Events?  Special gatherings?  What? What?

Rock 'n' Rollers Board Members


In 2017 we have board members who make things happen for our club. This is who they are!


Social Happening

There's always time for.....

another adventure!



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