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General Information

Alcoholic Beverages - (949) 597-4381

This pricing was updated on April 4, 2016

Alcoholic beverages may not be sold at any Clubhouse unless done so by the Golden Rain Foundation Bar Service Staff under the auspices of an Alcoholic Beverage Control issued liquor license. Each Clubhouse, except Clubhouse Four, has such a license. It is Golden Rain Foundation Policy that liquor may be brought into a Clubhouse function and provided by the resident to the guests as long as it is provided to them at no cost. Caterers cannot, under any circumstances, sell alcoholic.

No-Host Bar

When an individual, club, or organization wishes to engage the Golden Rain Foundation Bar Service for a function where patrons buy their own drinks, this is called a "no-host" bar. When liquor is served on a sale basis, a staff Bartender must be provided in accordance with the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Drink prices are as follows:

Mixed Drinks - $5.00 Each
Wine - $4.00 Per Glass
Beer - $3.00
Soft Drinks - $1.00

There is no additional set-up cost for this service. The number of Bartenders provided for this service will be at the discretion of the Bar Coordinator in accordance with the information and requirements received from the requesting party.

Bar Service Fees:

No-Host Bar, 3-hour Minimum Use Fee

Cost of One Bartender, $80.16

If $80.16, plus product cost, is attained fee will be waived.

Host Bar

Residents may arrange for a "host bar" through the Recreation Division Bar Coordinator/Clubhouse Five Supervisor, and use a Staff Bartender for their functions upon request. The cost for this is based on the amount of product used and the labor cost for the Bartender ($80.16 for three hours and additional $26.72 for each hour thereafter).

Liquor/Wine Delivery Charge

If there is a request for wine, champagne and/or other beverages to be delivered by Staff for use at an event for which no bar has been scheduled, there is a per event delivery charge of $30.00.

The Bar Coordinator/Clubhouse Five Supervisor answer any questions you may have about the service.

Private or Other Functions

Individuals, clubs, or organizations are permitted to serve alcoholic beverages at their functions without using the Golden Rain Foundation Bar Service. In accordance with California State Law, when this is done, the liquor must be given away at no cost to the consumer. An individual may serve his own liquor or provide a Bartender. When liquor is served at no cost to the consumer it is not required that a Staff Bartender be hired to do the serving, but they are available as an alternative service.

Use of Caterers

Extensive qualifications, including insurance and financial, have been adopted for caterers who may be used within Laguna Woods Village. It is Golden Rain Foundation Policy that a list of approved caterers meeting these qualifications is available from the Reservation Coordinator in the Recreation Division Office, Administration Building. For your convenience, this list is also on page 45 of this booklet.

Clubhouse Bulletin Boards

It is Golden Rain Foundation Policy that any materials intended for posting on a Clubhouse bulletin board must first be approved by the appropriate Clubhouse Supervisor.

Fund Raising Events

Limitations have been established by the Golden Rain Foundation regarding fund raising events. The Golden Rain Foundation strictly prohibits gambling in community facilities. More detailed information concerning this GRF Policy can be obtained from the Recreation Division Office.

It is also GRF Policy that fees may be assessed for the use of facilities and vary depending on the facility or type of event.

Clubs and Organizations

Laguna Woods Village Residents have such a wide spectrum of interests that it has become worthwhile to form clubs and organizations in which those with common interests may join together. The Recreation Division will assist in starting any club or organization. For more information about a particular club please call the Recreation Division Office at (949) 597-4273.