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This month in the Village Breeze, we have a winner! Meet Thomas Hartley, the latest winner of the A Week in the Village photo contest. Also in GRF, meet the new Recreation and Special Events Director, Brian Gruner; then, mark your calendars for an important Gate Access Town Hall Meeting on September 8 at 4:30 p.m. in the Board Room.  Most importantly, read how Broadband is giving better customer service!

Third says "Thank You" to three good Samaritans whose quick and caring actions helped prevent two fires in Third Mutual. Read how to give your water heater "Tender Loving Care"!  Feeling the heat? Know what to do before installing an air conditioner.

United wants to remind everyone that it's election time! Learn about United's solar installation project, meet Director Jack Bassler, and more this month in United.

Over at the Towers there is a lot of fun to be had this month with coordinated activities to interest almost anyone! Plus, meet Director and long-time Laguna Woods Village resident Sy Wellikson.

And finally, keep this new number handy in case you see something that just doesn't look right.  949-268-CALL is a new message line where you can call and leave anonymous information on compliance issues like encroachment of personal items in common areas, residents who aren't following rules, noise issues, and short term rentals.

The Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods

Third Laguna Hills Mutual

United Laguna Woods Mutual

The Towers at Laguna Woods



 Gate Access Town Hall Meeting September 8 – Don’t Miss It!

Improvements are coming to Gate Access in Laguna Woods Village! Learn about the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) decal rollout program at the Town Hall meeting Thursday, September 8, at 4:30 p.m. in the Community Center Board Room. GRF Director John Luebbe will give a brief introduction to the new access system. IT Director, Chuck Holland and Security Chief, Tim Moy will provide details.

The Town Hall Meeting will be televised live on Channel 6. If you can't make it in person, watch a rebroadcast on Channel 6:

  • Thursday, September 8 at 4:30 p.m. (Live)  
  • Friday, September 9 at 2 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 15 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 17 at 1 p.m.

On September 19, the Community Access and the Security Departments will initiate the RFID- placement rollout program.  Check the schedule out HERE.


Welcome the Village’s New Recreation and Special Events Director, Brian Gruner

Brian comes to the Village with a wealth of recreational experience, most recently holding the position of Community Services Supervisor at the City of Mission Viejo. He managed four exceptional recreation, aquatics, and tennis facilities with over 25,000 users a month. Brain has directly produced annual special events and has connections with local performing arts groups and recreation class instructors.


Brian has excellent communication, supervisory, employee and interdepartmental relations, customer service and budget control skills. Welcome Brian!


The Recreation Office in the Community Center is getting new digs. Staff is vacating the office near the back door in order to make room for the new fitness center. Look for Brian and his staff in the previous Globe offices. The move will take place before the end of September.


Congrats Tom Hartley, Photo Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Tom Hartley, winner of the “A Week in the Village” photo contest! Tom’s captivating photo of the Village Library won him a $50 Visa gift card. Missed your chance to submit your favorite photo of the Village? “A Week in the Village” will return in the fall, so you’ll have another chance to compete. Thank you to everyone who submitted! A gallery of submissions can be viewed by clicking here.


Building a Heart-Safe Community

GRF is dedicated to building a Heart-Safe Community and has developed the Laguna Woods Village Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program. There are 24 strategically placed AED’s throughout the community, located in Clubhouses, golf course, recreation areas and the Community Center. Village Management Services, Inc. is currently training all of its employees in the most current American Heart Association standards in CPR/AED and First Aid.


Better Customer Service from Broadband

Broadband Services is excited to announce that support is available on Saturdays!

If you experience problems with your Broadband Cable service, you can now call the customer service line, 949- 837-2670, on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for assistance and scheduling.

By popular demand, Channel 6 has expanded its movie offerings to two days per week. The Friday movies for August and September include A Walk to Remember, A Hologram for the King, The Jungle Book, Louder Than Bombs, Money Monster, and Captain America: Civil War. Friday movies air at 7 p.m. on Channel 6. This is in addition to Monday movies; check the TV6 guide for movies and airtimes.

Don't miss the following original programming produced by your friends and neighbors in partnership with the Channel 6 crew.

Discovering Laguna Woods Village with Cyndee Whitney

Join Laguna Woods Village resident, Cyndee Whitney, as she completes her tour of Clubhouse 4, the arts and crafts center of the community.

The Video Club Presents: The Rhythm of Life Drumming Circle

Meet the members of the Rhythm of Life Drumming Circle, a club that provides the opportunity for residents to experience the healing power of group drumming and a passion for life.

Good Day OC with Amy Osmond Cook

Good Day OC features fitness, medical information, health, beauty, and cooking. September’s special guest is Lisa Gibson, a consultant for Age Well Senior Services who oversees the nutrition programs at 12 senior centers as well as the Meals on Wheels program.

Thrive Show

How do you Thrive? Tune in this month for a fascinating look at how Aquadette Valerie Link thrives despite having osteoporosis.

Check the Channel 6 Programming Guide for details, available in the Broadband Services Lobby or at


Let’s Take a Crack at Sidewalk Deterioration

Ernesto Munoz, General Services Director, reports that there is over 50 miles of concrete sidewalks, and while the majority of parkways are in a good state of repair, the number of parkway trees, soil conditions, and other factors contribute to deterioration. This manifests as cracked slabs, uplifted sections, differential settlement, and depressions which can hold irrigation water. These defects result in the potential for our residents to trip and fall and sustain injuries. VMS staff continuously inspects these very important elements of our roadways, and strives to keep the infrastructure in good repair. However, at times one of these conditions may be overlooked and staff receives communications from concerned residents pointing out the deficiencies. To expedite the repairs of these parkway locations, residents are encouraged to call Resident Services at 949-597-4600, who will route the call to the appropriate department for timely service.


Laguna Woods Village Social Services Department

By Third Advisor Carol St. Hilaire

Do you or your neighbor need help with care or companionship in the home? The Laguna Woods Village Social Services Department can help. Serving the community since 1972, their mission is to help residents maintain independence in their home and enhance their quality of life. They are located in the Community Building. Their office is open on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., or you can call them at 949-597-4267.

Counseling and Assistance

If a resident needs assistance, staff will provide direction and support, at no extra charge to residents. Social work counselors are available for counseling, crisis intervention, support groups, and community resource referrals. They work closely with the Foundation of Laguna Woods, who provides assistance to residents facing unexpected financial hardships. Contact Social Services if you are:

• Grieving the loss of a loved one
• Caring for an ill or aging relative
• Coping with a life-changing diagnosis
• Making long-term care arrangements
• Feeling overwhelmed and stressed
• In need of assistance in your home.

Friendly Visitor Program

Social Services also offers a Friendly Visitor Program that connects volunteers with residents to provide loving company and companionship. Trained resident volunteers will visit or call a resident on a regular basis to share experiences, discuss topics, read together, laugh and smile, and attend group luncheons. Volunteers add sunshine to someone’s day, expand their skills, meet new people, build a stronger community, and make a difference in another’s life. Contact the Friendly Visitor Program at 949-597-4376 if you are homebound and in need of a visitor, or if you are interested in volunteering.


Pool 2, Lawn Bowling and Clubhouse 2 Annex to close for Maintenance

Starting on September 12, the Clubhouse 2 pool, the annex building, and the lawn bowling area will be shut down for up to two weeks for maintenance. The reopening date will be posted on the Village website


Class Punch Cards Now Available at Clubhouses

As of September 1, prepaid punch cards for Recreation Division classes are now available for purchase at the Recreation Office or at the clubhouse office where the class meets, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Class punch cards may be purchased with a major credit card or check, payable to GRF; multiple cards may be purchased at one time. Recreation Division classes are for Laguna Woods Village residents only; please be prepared to show your resident ID card when making a purchase. Call 949-597-4273 for more information.

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Hot Flashes

By Third Secretary Burt Baum

Let the Sunshine In

It’s final. The Third Board has reached an agreement with Sun Power Corporation to capture enough sun rays to supply at least 80 percent of our electricity needs for the common areas for the next 20 years. To do this, beginning in mid–September, solar panels will be put on about 12 roofs of the three–story buildings. Sorry Residents, you will not be able to tap into these systems to get electricity for your individual manors, but this move will benefit you, and everyone living in Third by stabilizing the energy costs paid for through assessments. Please read Director Walsh’s Energy report in this issue for more information.


Money, Money, Money

More good news. Treasurer, Wei Ming Tao reports in this issue that budget projections for 2017 show that our assessments will go down 13 cents a month. (Don’t spend these savings all at once.)  Moreover, surcharges for Garden Villa residents will drop $1.60 /month for Laundry and $1.17/month for Rec Rooms and elevators.

Water, Water, Nowhere

The water company may have eased up on restrictions, but is hasn’t rained, and it’s been hot for a long time. It’s still important to conserve water and minimize leaks. Please read Director Tung’s article on Landscaping (ground cover anyone?) and leak detection. Also, see Director Moldow’s note about the elements in water heaters and Mark Stal’s update on the water heater situation.

Village Good Samaritans

The quick and vigilant actions of three good Samaritans in Laguna Woods Village recently prevented two fires in Third Mutual, and for that, Third says, “Thank You!”

On July 28, 2016, a near-fire occurred. Third resident James Wu noticed smoke coming from a unit in Building 4010 and personally went door to door to find the location of the smoke. James was aided by Ms. Jing Ma, who quickly called 911. Because of their vigilance and concern, the Orange County Fire Authority was able to locate and extinguish the cause of the fire before it went up in flames.

On August 6, 2016, an electrical fire occurred in an underground parking garage in Third. United Mutual Member,  Lynn Kunysz was visiting a friend in the area, noticed smoke, and called 911. Because of Ms. Kunysz’s quick action in calling the electrical fire to 911, the damage was minimized.

Thank you James, Jing, and Lynn for your dedication to safety and concern for your neighbors in Laguna Woods Village. For their efforts, Third Mutual will be presenting each of them with a commendation at their Board Meeting, Tuesday, September 19, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.


New Number for Compliance


New number…949-268-CALL to report a compliance issue. This number is a message line and callers remain anonymous.


Did You Know?

By Third First Vice President Rosemarie diLorenzo-Dickins

  • Garbage disposals are the source of many plumbing and sewer problems. They are not environmentally friendly and waste water.
  • Your water heater should be replaced when it is 10 years old. You should be able to find the installation date on your unit. If you cannot find it, you might be able to determine the heater’s age by the serial number.
  • By calling Waste Management Curbside at 1-800-449-7587 a sharps disposal container with a self-addressed, postage-paid label for return shipping will be mailed to you. Needles, lancets, and other home-generated sharps waste may be disposed of in the container. 
  • You can report an electrical, plumbing, or moisture intrusion issue after hours or on the weekend by calling Security Dispatch at 949-580-1400.


Third Saves Money on Solar

By Third Director Bill Walsh

Third Mutual has committed to the purchase of SunPower Corp.-manufactured Helix solar panels for installation on 12 Garden Villa buildings. These are high-quality American made solar panels. The installation of the solar panels will be performed by the Solar Optimum Co. The project is to be completed by December 31, 2016. Completing the project by the end of the year will enable Third Mutual to “lock in,” for 20 years, the rates that SCE will pay for each kilowatt of electricity that the solar panels generate. Thus, when SCE electricity rates increase, SCE will increase the rate they pay for the electricity generated by the Third Mutual solar panels.

All of the electricity generated by the solar panels will be allocated to electric meters that service the common areas in multiple Garden Villa buildings. The common areas include the washers, dryers, and hot water heaters in the laundry rooms; the elevators; the recreation room refrigerators, stoves and lighting; as well as all of the breezeway and garage lighting. None of the electricity generated will go to individual manors. Third Mutual will save millions of dollars in electricity costs over 25 years, particularly with electricity costs projected to increase an average of four to five percent per annum over that period.

Bring your question to the Third Mutual Solar Briefing meeting Wednesday, September 7 at 2 p.m. in the Board room. The meeting will be televised on TV6. There will be presentations from both staff and Solar Optimum and time for questions.

Click here for the Third Mutual Solar Briefing flyer.




A Savings Tip


By Third Director Bert Moldow


Water heaters employ an electric element to heat the water.  As the drought continues, the mineral content in our water is increasing and within five years, or half the life of the water heater, the heating element becomes heavily coated with minerals, thereby greatly reducing the efficiency of the water heater.  This coating results in a significant increase of electricity used and may even prevent the water temperature from rising to the desired temperature while drawing electrical power 24 hours a day.   Replacing the element every five years would save a significant amount of money.


Click here for instructions for keeping your water heater operating efficiently!


Feeling the Heat?

Before you install an Air Conditioner, contact Manor Alterations. Third has an alteration standard for the installation of air conditioners, including through-the-wall, central and ductless types. Since the installation is an alteration, a mutual permit is required.


Before you start any work, speak to a customer service representative in person at the Community Center, or call 949- 597-4616, or email They will happily guide you through the process.


Click here to view the Third Alteration Standard Section 4: Air Conditioning Units/Heat Pumps


Please be advised that window mounted air conditioning units are prohibited in Third.


Already have an air conditioner? Click here for instructions to keep it operating efficiently.


Landscape Committee Report

By Third Second Vice President James Tung

Third Mutual has been so enthusiastic about water conservation that we forgot one important thing: communication. Some residents of Gate 11 were upset that we stopped watering certain patches of common-area grass, because recycled water was not available, and converted this grass instead to groundcover greens. Third understands that brown turf is unsightly, and promises to better communicate its intentions in the future.

As a mea culpa, Third President and Gate 11 resident, Jim Matson, has agreed to have the Landscape Division convert his turf area to groundcover greens this fall.

In the Gate 14 area, the committee has selected several areas to convert to groundcover greens. These small areas are near CDS 407. Having learned our lesson at Gate 11, we will communicate with the captains of the buildings, adjacent to the areas for conversion, before work begins.


Water Conservation Committee Report

Effective August 1, 2016, the El Toro Water District (ETWD) has eased some of the pressure on customers. This is good news for Third Mutual, but it does not mean that we need to stop conserving water. Third reminds its residents to keep up the good work by continuing to conserve!

ETWD has eased restrictions by:

Adjusting the overall water-use reduction goal to 10 percent, down from 24 percent, compared to water use in 2013/14 Increasing the Water Budget Based Tiered Conservation Rate Structure Outdoor Drought Factor from 50 percent to 75 percent Suspended the $2/billing/unit Administrative Drought Penalty.

Visit for more information.


Finance Committee Summary

By Third Treasurer Wei Ming Tao

Total revenue for Third, through June 30, was $16.855M compared to expenses of $13.066M, resulting in more revenue than expenses by $3.789M. This is $1.796M better than budget. The reserve fund surplus was better than budget by $1.435M mainly due to timing, and the operating surplus was better than budget by $428K, primarily due to reasons reported in the previous month.

Monthly Resales: Through July 2016, Third is averaging 41 resales per month, compared to 42 resales per month in 2015, 33 in 2014, and 42 in 2013 for the same seven months.

Monthly Leasing: Through July 2016, Third averaged 1,660 leases per month compared to 1,703 leases per month in 2015 for the same seven months. The leasing ratio is 27.2 percent of total units.

2017 Budget: Based on VersionTwo, we are expecting a 13-cent reduction in basic assessments, compared to 2016. Furthermore, the laundry surcharge will be reduced by $1.60, and the Garden Villa Rec Room and Elevator surcharges will be lowered by $1.17.

Due to our aging infrastructure and the board's determination to take a systematic approach to maintain it properly, the reserve spending requirements have increased greatly and will continue to increase. However, this approach will save us more money in the long run. The reason we were able to reduce assessments by $10 per manor per month in 2016, and have no increase planned for next year, is mainly the result of the board's support of streamlined processes that reduce non-value added activities or delays, and of the balancing of the GRF funding requirements with the Mutual's requirements.


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President's Update

By United President Lenny Ross

Subleasing – A new resolution was passed August 9, 2016, requiring certificate holders to wait one year after purchase before renting their unit. This complies with lender, NCB’s requirement to attain cooperative loans.

Rentals – United’s rentals rose to 8.1 percent of total units this month, steadily inching toward the 20 percent rental cap. This cap was set in order to maintain the residential nature of the community, as well as, to accommodate lender, NCB requirements.

Land Use Give Away – For the second month in a row, the board was deadlocked on this issue. For September, the Board will investigate older, approved architectural standards for building out models. These standards will then be the only upgrades that can be completed in the community.

Budget– United is nearing completion of the 2017 budget which consists of many large projects including adding solar, replacing electric panels, waste line re-lining, and adding water heater monitors. Due to the stellar performance of the budget team, led by CEO, Brad Hudson, and VMSI Directors and staff; services will be improved and automated. We are happy to report that the 2017 assessments will remain relatively flat.


Solar Panel Installation Project

By United Second Vice President Don Tibbets

Johnson Controls has been meeting with the city, SCE, and staff preparing for the solar installation to begin in United Mutual. Emphasis, right now, is placed on getting all of the required permits from The City and the authorization to move ahead with the project from Southern California Edison. Maintenance staff meets with Johnson Controls on a regular basis to oversee all details of the project. The project includes the installation of solar panels on the carport parking spaces in cul-de-sacs 10, 15, 24 and 28. The electrical panels in laundry rooms, in those areas, will also be updated.

Residents, in proximity of the work, will be asked to move their vehicles for about a week when contractors are in the area. The installation of the panels will, hopefully, start by the end of August with a planned completion date of December 30. This is a large project with initial funding, but will be very cost effective in reducing the amount of electrical energy used in the laundry rooms, carports and cul-de-sac lighting.


United Director Profile: Jack Bassler

By Third Advisor Carol St. Hilaire


United Director, Jack Bassler, and his wife Joyce, moved to Laguna Woods Village in 1989. He has been on the United Board twice. In between, he was on the GRF Board. His first time as a United Director was when Russ Disbro was General Manager, Jerry Storage was Maintenance Director and Milt Johns was Landscape Director. The meetings were in an "Administration Building" which was torn down in 2003.

Director Bassler was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. He was a licensed architect in California until he retired in 1998. During that time he was sent to live in American Samoa for short spells and spent a year in Athens, Greece, where he was involved in designing a new town for Libya. He later spent a year in Bahrain and settled in Orange County. He was selected as one of a six-man Group Study Exchange Team by Orange County Rotary Clubs and spent two months in Eastern and Central African countries.

Jack has two married sons in Arkansas with three grandchildren. With his wife, he has two stepsons, four grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, nearby. He has enjoyed his time in Laguna Woods by gardening, playing tennis, Bridge, taking art classes, golfing, and the establishment of many good friendships.


Election Time!

United Mutual is proud to announce the following seven candidates who are running for three open seats on the United Mutual Board of Directors:

Prakash Achrekar        
Maggie Blackwell
Peter Chong        
Donald Colson
Robert Morrison
Cynthia Statsmann
Andre Torng

The Election Ballots were mailed to qualified members on August 26, and the Ballots are due back by September 27. The Ballots will be counted on a live, televised meeting on September 29, and the winning candidates will take their seats on the Board at United’s Annual Meeting on October 10 at 9:30 am. Residents are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the candidates, their backgrounds, experience and viewpoints on United’s issues. We encourage you to exercise your right to VOTE! The new Board Members will represent YOU for three years and this is YOUR chance to pick those you feel best represent your interests.


Treasurer’s Report  

(Figures as of June 30, 2016)

Total revenue for United through June 30, 2016, was $19,452,000 compared to expenses of $17,808,000, resulting in more revenue than expenses by $1,644,000. Much of this is due to timing of reserve programs.

With a favorable bottom line of $1,644,000 compared to a planned savings of $184,000 through June, the $1,460,000 total is primarily due to:

  1. More revenue than planned, due to higher real estate tax charges by the County, as a result of the termination of Proposition 8. Variance in Property Tax ($758,000).
  2. Overall expenses are running lower than budgeted, due to a variance in worker compensation and delayed contributions to the non-union retirement fund.
  3. Elimination of Management Fee.
  4. Fewer reserve expenditures for landscape revitalization, counter top replacements, building structure replacements and moisture intrusion events than anticipated.

The reserve balances on June 30, 2016 were just over $21,000,000.

United’s number of resales and dollar volume of resales both dropped in the month of July by 2.2 percent and 1.2 percent, respectively. Average resale price increased by 1.4 percent.

Leases increased to 510 out of 6,323 residences, for an 8.1 percent sub-lease total of United Residences.


Conducting Business in Your Manor

The City of Laguna Woods Municipal Code regulates a business conducted in a manor for the purpose of ensuring that there are no negative impacts on the neighbors.

When applying to conduct a business in your manor you should keep in mind that:

  • Your home should remain a home/dwelling and not be changed by the business being conducted.
  • Your business should not have employees working at the manor.
  • Business should be conducted only inside the manor and should not operate outdoors, including garage (whether attached or detached), patio, balcony or carport.
  • No signs or evidence of a business should be posted.
  • Only one room of the dwelling unit or 25 percent of the gross floor area (whichever is less) should be used for the business.
  • The business should not produce hazardous, combustible, chemicals or other materials that are dangerous.
  • Tools and equipment used in the business should not create smoke dust, noise, odors, or vibration beyond that typically found in a manor.

For a list of businesses not allowed in the manor, click here.

Any business that has a negative impact on the community is not allowed. For questions regarding conducting businesses in the manor, call 268-2337 Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you feel your neighbor is not complying with the above guidelines, dial 268-CALL and leave a confidential message and Compliance will send someone to check it out.


“Lettuce” Entertain You….Now Playing at the Towers!

By Mutual No. Fifty Advisor Saretta Berlin

The young women who comprise the Activities Department at The Towers - Kristen, Chelsea and Valerie - take their assignment very seriously:  There is something happening almost every day, with a variety of events and programs available daily to Towers residents and their guests.

The week gets off to a relatively leisurely start with Bingo Monday night, although there is nothing low-key about the pay-outs. In a recent week the prizes ranged from $40 to more than $100, amounts which tend to get everyone interested.

Tuesday night is reserved for contract bridge. Duplicate bridge is played Wednesday night and there is ample opportunity throughout the building for other games. Residents interested in Rummicube, Mexican Train, Scrabble, Poker and Pinochle can almost always find other players. There are special Games Nights where new groups can form.

Wednesday evening usually means a movie, often a documentary or classic film. On Sunday night a recent film or classic movie is screened. Most of the movies have captions and are shown on the large screen in Lortscher Hall. Recent films include “Mother’s Day,” “Brooklyn,” and “The Martian.”

On Thursday nights, Towers residents enjoy a variety of live performances, many of them provided by artists who visit regularly. Larry Maurer entertains every six weeks or so with his compendium of classic video clips and songs. Hitoshi Suzuki appears with his string trio of violin, viola and cello to present concerts featuring Bach, Chopin, Lizst and other masters of chamber music, along with contemporary and popular selections. Tatiana is a special favorite and the hall is always filled for her performance of song, dance and patter. During the summer, The Towers presents a series of talks by snowbird Bill Smith, who  illustrates his enthusiasm and love of music with piano selections and videos.

The staff works hard to present a variety of new entertainment. In coming weeks, the Towers will have a visit from the OC Tremble Clef Choir. This is a talented group of singers, all coping with Parkinsons’ Disease, who perform an astonishing array of musical material under the leadership of Karen Skipper.

Also new to The Towers is saxophonist Ricky Sims, who will appear September 11 with a program of current and classical woodwind music. Juilliard graduate Beth Sussman appeared recently with a program built around the American Songbook, featuring works by Gershwin, Copeland and Scott Joplin.

In addition to entertainment, there are the patio parties, holiday celebrations and an array of exercise and fitness programs and emeritus classes presented by Saddleback College.


Mutual No. Fifty Director Profile Seymour Wellikson

By Mutual No. Fifty Advisor Saretta Berlin

Seymour “Sy” Wellikson has the distinction of having lived in each of the three corporations that comprise Laguna Woods Village, serving on Third Mutual twice as president and on GRF as Parliamentarian. He and his wife Miriam have lived at The Towers, where he has served as Secretary of the Board since 2015. He was named Leisure Worlder of the Month in August 2004.

Sy’s road to The Towers began in Philadelphia, where he attended Temple University and met and married Miriam, then a student in the School of Pharmacy. He worked in the family’s paper business for more than 30 years. Too young to enjoy an early retirement, Sy launched a second career that he describes as the most rewarding 10 years of his professional life. He joined the Philadelphia school system and taught mentally challenged, trainable young people the skills they needed to live independently.

When their three children migrated west to California, the Welliksons followed and moved into Laguna Woods Village in 1989. Long-time subscribers to the Philadelphia Orchestra, they became regular concert-goers at the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center and other nearby venues. They joined Temple Judea where Sy served as President in 2009 and had his first bar mitzvah at the age of 83.

Sy has long been interested in the theater. He has written, produced, directed and acted in productions for the Nifty Fifty, Saddleback College Student Productions and Summer Stock. He served as Vice President of the Theater Guild and is an active participant in the Old Pros  and Village Clubs.

In his spare time, Sy writes song parodies and stand-up comedy bits. He recently did a one-man show at Temple Judea that incorporated  the music of  “Annie Get Your Gun” into a synagogue-based presentation.

Sy celebrates his 90th birthday this month as well as the 69th anniversary of his marriage to Miriam in September. The Welliksons are the proud grandparents of four boys and great-grandparents of three boys and two girls. They are delighted that 19 members of their “nuclear family” live between Irvine and San Clemente.


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