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The Village Breeze


A Joint Publication of the Laguna Woods Village Corporations

Photo Credits, Left to Right: Nayer Rahbarnia, Helen Harris

Village Cooling Centers Open for Hot Days


Whenever the temperature is above 90 degrees, Cooling Centers are open to residents at both Clubhouses 1 and 5 until 10:00 p.m. 


Need a ride?  Hop onto any Village bus to get to Clubhouse 1, or call the Transportation Department at 597-4659.


Cool off, relax, get a cool drink of water, and visit with friends at the clubhouses.


Open Sesame! Gate 6 Reopened on Friday, June 24


After three months of waiting, Gate 6 reopened on Friday, June 24. Gate improvements include a new gatehouse, utility and technology installation, paving, and landscaping.  


Prior to the reopening, Gate Ambassadors walked the new gatehouse in preparation for the opening.  Residents will continue to enter the gate as normal and will be greeted by one of our Gate Ambassadors.


After Gate 5 opens this fall, the barrier arms will be activated and all residents will be issued a new decal.


The Boards of Laguna Woods Village look forward to enhanced security, easier access for residents and guests, and more efficient operations.


Gate 5 renovation is scheduled to commence on August 1, 2016.



This newsletter is put together by all of the housing Mutuals and GRF.  If you have comments about this newsletter, please contact Beth Perak, GRF 2nd VP at, Burt Baum, Third Secretary at, Jan LaBarge, United 1st VP at, or Katy Howe, General Manager at the Towers at


If you have problems or concerns about your manor, please contact VMS at the following email addresses:

To arrange for visitors, you may email In your email, give their names, and the gate they will be entering and Community Access will then send their names to the gate.  This service is available to all residents.


It's Election Season…


Political ads on TV6 are paid for by the candidate or group sponsoring the commercial.  The Village Boards do not endorse any products or candidates as seen on TV6.





Village Cooling Centers


Gate 6 Re-opens




Admit Guests via Email


Political Ads on TV6



Golden Rain Foundation


Community Center Fitness Center Relocation Plans


Set-top Boxes


Money Saving Travel Tips


TV6 Message Board


Disaster Prep Classes


Security and Community Access Report


New TV Show--"Thirve"


Director Profile: John Parker



United Mutual


President's Update


Vacation Rentals


Maintenance and Construction Committee Update


Heard from the Hare


Terminology in United


Inheriting a Co-Op


Historic Sycamore Defaced


Director Profile: Barbara Copley


Third Mutual


Did You Know?


Hot Flashes


Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Manor


Finance Committee Summary




Water Conservation


Potted Plants on Balconies


Insurance Recommended for your Home



The Towers


Independance Day


Director Profile: John Dalis


Brunch at the Towers


"Hello Dolly" at the Plummer Auditorium




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Community Center Fitness Center Relocation



At the June 7, 2016, GRF board meeting, funds were allocated to relocate the Community Center fitness center to the first floor.  Several reasons prompted this decision:  concern for the structural integrity of the building, need for replacement of existing fitness flooring, and improved security for the facility.


The new first-floor gym space will be larger, with more equipment and more space for instruction.  When construction is completed, the new gym will have its own entrance and dedicated restrooms.


There will be easier access with no need to wait for an elevator.  Simply walk in and start exercising!


The GRF action also allocated funds to equip a small, drop-in, unstaffed fitness center at Clubhouse 5. That center will be completed prior to a brief closure of the 3rd floor facility for equipment relocation.


Television Set-Top Box Options for Residents


Broadband Services offers a variety of set-top box options for lease to Laguna Woods Village residents.  These boxes provide the user with the capability of enjoying all the wonderful programming available to the Community.  In addition, some set-top boxes offer interactive program guides and the ability to record, fast forward, and rewind your favorite programs.


If you are not interested in leasing a set-top box from GRF Broadband Services but still want to view the hundreds of quality channels both in standard definition and high definition, there is another option.  Residents can purchase a set-top box manufactured by TiVo.  There are several different models available and they can be purchased directly from TiVo or from other retail outlets.  If you purchase a TiVo box, you will also need to purchase a “cable card” from GRF Broadband Services for a one-time fee of $95.00.  GRF Broadband Services staff will come to your home to install the card for you or you may visit the Broadband Services office on the third floor of the Community Center and purchase and install the card yourself.  In addition, you will need to subscribe to TiVo’s guide service in order to activate all the features of the TiVo box.  For more information on this option, go to  If you purchase a TiVo set-top box and choose to have GRF Broadband Services install it for you, please call Resident Services at (949) 837-2670 to make an appointment.


Money Saving Travel Options for Laguna Woods Residents


Senior Mobility Program

The City of Laguna Woods’ Senior Mobility Program subsidizes the cost of taxi travel for Laguna Woods residents who are at least 60 years of age. This program is made possible by Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) via Orange County’s Measure M2 half-cent sales tax, and provides affordable senior-oriented transportation services. Core elements of the Senior Mobility Program include general travel vouchers (“taxi bucks”), non-emergency medical transportation (“NEMT”), and Irvine Station travel vouchers. Senior Mobility Program transportation is provided by taxi cabs operated by California Yellow Cab.


For more detail, please contact City Hall at (949) 639-0500.


General Travel Vouchers (“Taxi Bucks”)

General travel vouchers (or “taxi bucks”) save residents 50 percent of the cost of taxi trips. Taxi bucks are available in books valued at $50 (sold for $25) and $100 (sold for $50) and can be used for any trip in Orange County that begins or ends in Laguna Woods (with the exception of John Wayne Airport).


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (“NEMT”)

Non-emergency medical transportation (or, “NEMT”) by taxi can be arranged by staff at City Hall at rates subsidized between 60 and 85 percent. NEMT travel vouchers are also available for select destinations. Service is available for any non-emergency medical trip beginning or ending in Laguna Woods to or from any facility in Orange County or the Long Beach Veterans Hospital. Costs range from $4 to $12 one-way.


Irvine Station (Transportation Center) Travel Vouchers

Special destination travel vouchers are available for taxi trips beginning or ending in Laguna Woods to the Irvine Station at a rate that saves residents 67 percent. For $6 one-way, residents can travel to the Irvine Station to connect with passenger rail and bus services provided by Amtrak (800-USARAIL), Metrolink (800-371-LINK), or the Orange County Transportation Authority (714-636-RIDE).


Posting to TV6 Message Board

Are you with a Village Club or organization and want to get the word out about an event? Post your event on the TV6 Message Board!


All messages must be submitted at least 10 days before the date of your event and will be broadcast about four to seven days before it’s scheduled to occur depending on available space. Messages for overnight trips (such as Las Vegas, Laughlin, etc.) will not be accepted.

The Message Board Form must be printed, filled in, and brought to Channel 6. Click here for the form. For questions, please call 949 597-4295.


Other information appearing on the TV6 Message Board is:


·         Daily committee and board meeting schedules

·         Important community notices

·         Pool hours

·         Channel 6 programming

·         Resident birthdays


Disaster Preparedness Task Force Upcoming Classes


The Disaster Preparedness Task Force (DPTF) Office is on the first floor of the Community Center and is open Monday thru Friday from 10:00 a.m. to noon.


DPTF sponsors free training classes in preparedness. Pre-registration is not required.



Security and Community Access Committee Report
By GRF Director John Luebbe


The pilot program for the Gates 5 and 6 renovation and gate access system approved by previous GRF boards is underway. Prefabricated gate houses for Gates 5 and 6 were completed last fall.  Gate 6 reopened on June 24, 2016 using the existing gate access system. The construction and renovation of Gate 5 will start soon and is estimated to be completed by September 30, 2016.  At that time, the new gate access system software for both Gates 5 and 6 will be activated with two resident lanes operated by a Radio Frequency Identification decal and a guest lane to process guests and vendors. The guest lane pass will have license plate recognition, a map to the resident’s manor, and the duration of the guests visit. Vehicle exits will also be tracked by license plate recognition so security will know if an unauthorized vehicle was in the community.


Training for gate ambassadors and residents will take place this summer. This will help control parking issues and illegal occupancy. 


For the period January 1 through May 31, the number of unlicensed drivers is up by 18, number of decal violations is up by 214, and the number of expired vehicle registrations is up by 76. Additionally, Since April 5, 2016 over 500 vehicles have been screened via a checkpoint. Of these vehicles, 28 were gate runners; 38 passes were confiscated; nine individuals had no valid driver's license; and 65 vehicles were escorted out of the community. The new security system will help make our community safer.


New Show on TV6 – “Thrive” featuring Life in Laguna Woods Village

By GRF 2nd VP Beth Perak



"Joie de vivre," is what it's called...The joy to live. The French may have named it, but here at Laguna Woods Village, we live it, every moment of every day! We Thrive! So do not miss The Thrive Show on Channel 6 featuring life in Laguna Woods Village!


Click here to view for The Thrive Show featuring the Lawn Bowling and Bocce Clubs.


This show will be broadcast on:


Thursday, July 7 at 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, July 13 at 2:00 p.m.
Friday, July 22 at 2:00 p.m.
Thursday, July 28 at 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, July 30 at 10:30 a.m.

Visit  to learn more.


Director Profile – John Parker
By GRF Director Joan Milliman



Director John Parker is Vice President of the GRF Board, Chair of GRF Landscape Committee, and Vice Chair of the Clubhouse 2 Ad Hoc Committee.  Director Parker is a second generation Village resident. His parents and sister were residents for many years prior to his moving here in 2002. 

Parker is a Licensed California Landscape Architect and had his own landscape architectural consulting practice.  His primary job was Professor of Ornamental Horticulture at Orange Coast College for more than 30 years. His passion for design and aesthetics serves the Village well.


John enjoys reading the New York Times every morning, attending concerts at Soka University and Disney Hall, and having dinners with friends and family.


John used to do ocean swims, including the San Clemente Pier Swim and the La Jolla Cove swim.  That’s probably why he’s so fit and able to crawl around the Clubhouse 2 construction site so easily.


As an activist, John participated in the Second Aids Ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 1995 and raised $4,000.  He holds the same concerns many of us have, namely, homelessness, the number of children in foster care, the increasing lack of civility among people, the shrinking middle class, and the cost of college education.

Director Parker is active in the Village as a member of the Rainbow Club, the PC Club, the Pickleball Club, and the Democratic Club.  Outside the Village, he serves on the Advisory Committee of the Orange Coast College Horticulture Department.


As a board member, he attends nearly all committee meetings in order to be informed on the issues that come to the full board.  He reads everything placed in his box or sent to his e-mail and researches any questions he has with staff.


Director Parker says that a good board member must have the ability to disagree on a topic in a civilized manner, with respect.  He also believes that a good board member must keep an open mind on a subject, no matter who is proposing it, whether or not one agrees or disagrees with the proposer. 




President’s Update
By United President Lenny Ross


· Ken Hammer, one of United’s directors, just retired from our board due to health issues. He has undergone surgery and is recovering nicely. Thanks to Ken for his many years of service to our community.


· Since Ken Hammer has retired, United recently requested applications from interested residents to fill the board seat. There will be three other Board openings in October and the deadline for those applications will be detailed in a future newsletter and on the Village website.


· The Board recently discussed Land Use in closed session and the issue will be presented in open session when the policy is ready.


· Three quotes from solar companies have been screened recently. At the July 12 board meeting, results will be presented. Time is of the essence as completion prior to the end of the year qualifies for a rebate and favorable rate treatment in the future. Potential savings of $200,000 per year are expected from solar.


· United approved two new motions, one that disallows new owners from sub-letting their units for the first year of ownership (except for people who inherit property through a trust) and a second motion requiring children purchasing for parents to comply with the same requirements as that of a guarantor. Both age appropriate parents and their children must meet minimum financial requirements.


Vacation Rentals
By Legal Affairs Manager Cris Robinson


It has come to the attention of United and Third Mutual Boards that Members are using short-term rental Internet sites such as HomeAway, Vacation Rentals, VRBO and Airbnb to rent their manors for a week or shorter amounts of time.


The close proximity of the Village to beach communities, world-class shopping centers, and various amusement parks make the manors in the Village very desirable.


Both United and Third have minimum rental periods:  United is thirty days, and Third is sixty days.


These minimum rental periods have been established in order to prevent the disruption to Village residents caused by renters moving in and out on a frequent basis impacting the residential home-ownership atmosphere of the Community.


Owners who are engaging in short-term rentals will be subject to the Mutual’s Member Disciplinary process and will likely incur monetary fines, as well as the suspension of Mutual and Golden Rain Foundation privileges.  If you believe someone near you is renting their manor on a short-term basis, please contact Village Management Services Compliance Department at 268-2327.


Maintenance and Construction Committee Update
By United 2nd VP Don Tibbets 


· A company has been selected to replace 4,700 obsolete Pushmatic Electric Panels.  This is a large, costly project needed to meet current building codes.

· Staff has replaced about 645 low-flush toilets, at a rate of about 160 per month.  Completion of this government-mandated program is expected by January 2019.

· Staff is in discussion with a plumbing company that may be able to re-line the interior waste pipes, instead of replacing them.  This would be a huge savings. The first trial went well but presented a challenge when dealing with pipe intersections. At print time of this edition of “The Village Breeze”, this challenge has been resolved.


· If you are planning to remodel your manor, please check with our permit department before any construction starts.  Staff will review your plans for compliance with required state, city, and Village standards.


Heard from the Hare
By United 1st VP Jan LaBarge


Lately, I’ve been looking to nature for life lessons. On a particularly beautiful morning, as I was surveying the flowers, enjoying a soft breeze, and listening to the birds sing, I noticed about five different rabbits standing stock still on various parts of the lawn. Being a Director on United, we have on occasion, been the subject of ridicule. From the hare, I determined that if you have a target on your back, blend in with the scenary, stand perfectly still, and be silent. I have yet to master this lesson.     


Terminology in United. Who’s the Owner, Lessor, Lessee, Sub-lessor, and Sub-lessee?

By United 1st VP Jan LaBarge


After fielding questions about Ownership and Leasing titles in United, here is some clarity to the question of who’s who.


First, United Mutual is a co-operative and owns all the buildings and property within the boundaries of what is considered United Mutual, except those public buildings held in trust by GRF.


When someone purchases a "stock certificate" here (not a purchased home), they are buying a right to lease a specific property, and the lease is renewed automatically every three years unless there is a sale or some other issues with their membership. Therefore, many consider to be the owner of the property, is actually the lessee of the property; United Mutual is the owner (and always will be) and also the lessor.


If the lessee chooses to lease out their unit, they then become the sub-lessor and the person that leases from them becomes the sub-lessee. Were it Third Mutual we were talking about, the terminology would be different because actual ownership of property is exchanged, not a stock certificate. The owner actually owns real property. If the Third Mutual owner chooses to lease out their property, they are the lessor and the person renting, the lessee.


Inheriting a Co-op
By United Secretary Juanita Skillman


United Mutual is a stock cooperative, so when you buy (or inherit) a share of stock there is no grant deed to physical property.  The Shareholder has the exclusive right to occupy a particular dwelling unit through a leasehold that renews every three years.  All property is owned by United Laguna Woods Mutual, who assesses a monthly fee, which includes property taxes, from the Shareholder. 


Shareholders must become Members of United and sign an Occupancy Agreement affirming their intent to occupy.

Since only Members are granted the right to occupy, they must meet the age and financial requirements listed in the United Mutual’s Governing Documents and be approved by the Board of Directors.  When a Member dies, they may leave their Share of Corporation Stock to an heir, successor trustee, or beneficiary.  However, the heir, successor trustee, or beneficiary ONLY inherits the Share of Stock, and in order to occupy the property MUST apply for and be granted membership into the corporation, unless they are named on the original Stock Certificate. They have 90 days following the death of the original member to apply for membership and sign the Occupancy Agreement.  Only an individual or revocable living trusts may own stock in United Mutual.


Delayed probate or complicated trust issues may require longer times; however, time extensions can be requested from the Mutual.  For more information, refer to United Mutual Bylaws, Article III, Section 6, Transfer of Memberships.


Regarding sub-leasing of the property, Qualifier No.15 of the Resolution on Sub-leasing a Manor states that “Only a member of United named under an Occupancy Agreement has the right to sub-lease their entire manor”.  This makes it vital that the heir or beneficiary apply for Membership if they wish to sub-lease, or continue to sub-lease, the property.


If the inheritor is an individual inheriting property through a Trust, the Trust Successor will gain the status of the original owner and be granted the right to continue sub-leasing to a current tenant, secure a different tenant, sell the unit or, if age qualified, may move in AFTER gaining Membership and completing the Occupancy Agreement.


Historic Sycamore Defaced
By United Director Eva Lydick

United resident, Don Pitts, provided photos of a recent act of vandalism to a beautiful old Sycamore tree.  A plaque, describing the tree, states that the tree was likely 50 years old when the Pilgrims landed in 1620 making it 450 years old.  It was designated a historical landmark in 1968.  It is disappointing to think that individuals have so little respect for living creations.  Security has been notified of this. If you have any information on the destruction, please call Security Dispatch at 580-1400. Let’s all work together to respect and protect the natural beauty of the Village.


United Board Director Profile: Barbara Copley
By Third Advisor Carol St. Hilaire



United Director, Barbara Copley, has been a shareholder in United Mutual since October, 2001.  She served on the United Board from 2009 through 2012, and again this past year.  She feels deeply about the Co-operative concept.   Barbara has done a great deal of research on the governance of the Village and considers this a very special place for seniors.


Most of Barbara's interest has involved the community’s governing documents.  She is most concerned about the direction the community is taking.  There are changes in culture needed in order to address the wants of the newer generations.  She considers the most productive action taken has been the “transition” into our own management team.


Barbara serves on several committees. She works with the Document Review Committee in order to bring governing documents up-to-date. She serves on the Resident Advisory Committee and the Landscape Committee. 


Barbara understands that Directors need to be available for meetings and committee work in order to carry on “the business of the Board.” Board members are responsible for millions of dollars each year, and they protect the quality of the Corporations. In United Mutual, where the Corporation owns the property, the Board is responsible to that Corporation, and difficult decisions need to be made.


Barbara considers it a privilege and pleasure to have had the opportunity to serve on the United Board twice, and she will maintain an interest in the Community.





Residents of Third enjoy a beautiful day on their patio. Photo by Jim Gerfers.


Did You Know?

By Third 1st VP Rosemarie di Lorenzo-Dickins


Did you know you that…

1.    You should have an updated emergency notification form on record; you can obtain the form from the concierge at the Community Center or download it here.

2.    Free bulky item pickup is scheduled on the third Saturday of each month – just place the item near the trash area after 7:00 p.m. on the third Friday and before 7:00 a.m. on the third Saturday.  It works!

3.    Budgets for 2017 are being developed.  The CEO will present his preliminary budget on July 6, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. in the Board Room.  The next Third budget review will be on July 22 at 9:30 a.m. in the Board Room.

4.    If you live in the Gate 14 area, you may have noticed some white markings on decks and walkways.  Staff will be painting these marking to match the existing deck color.  As VMS strives to improve communication with residents, staff will be sending a notice prior to any maintenance being scheduled so that residents are informed.   


5.    Record Board meetings at midnight - In case you miss a Board meeting, Channel 6 is replaying the various Board meetings at 12:01 a.m. six days after the live broadcast.  This change occurred as a response to residents' comments that recording board meetings conflicted with other prime time DVR settings. Broadband subscribers may tape two shows at a time while watching a third show they have already taped. For more information on meetings broadcast on TV6, visit and click: TV6>Programming>Meetings, Movies, and More.


Hot Flashes
By Third Secretary Burt Baum


Sunny Days for Solar - Clash the cymbals!  Bang the drums!  We’ve finally done it. The Third Board has just signed a preliminary agreement with Solar Optimum, a leading solar company, to begin the planning necessary for the installation of solar panels on approximately six roofs of the three-story buildings.  This installation will generate enough electricity for most of the needs in Third’s common areas (breezeways, carports, laundry buildings, etc.).


Things to Do When Leaving on Vacation - So you’re going away on a great vacation.  With a little care, you can help ensure that your manor will be in good shape when you return.  Here are some of the key steps experts recommend:


· Inform neighbors.  Give them your itinerary and a key and ask them to water your plants.


· Stop paper and mail.


· Set thermostat to 85 in summer and 60 in winter or shut down the system entirely.


· Throw out perishables from refrigerator and opened boxes and bags from pantry.


· Check water lines and faucets for leaks, and shut off water to washing machines.


· Unplug small appliances, computer and TV’s.


· Lock windows and doors.


· Don’t forget to take along your meds as well as the suntan lotion and Pepto.


Village Helper–Aid to the Perplexed - Have a question or problem related to the Village or City services and not sure whom to ask?  About a year ago, the Third Board established the Village Helper line ((949) 945–5488) to help residents in Third.  Callers are given some basic information and referrals to the appropriate offices and services.  Sorry, we don’t get involved in domestic disputes so if you have had a spat with your spouse, you will have to kiss and make up on your own. 


Finance Committee Summary

By Third Treasurer Wei-Ming Tao


Third Mutual operations were better than budget by $420,000 through April 30, 2016.  Overall, expenses are running lower than budgeted, as shown below.


Utilities: $169,000 under, from lowered consumption for electricity, water, and trash.


Legal fees: $39,000 under, from lower legal expenses


Management Fee: $51,000 under, from elimination of Management Fee.  This favorable variance offsets Third's portion of unbudgeted compensation and related costs for the CEO and Community Manager.


General Maintenance: ($52,000); over due to higher volume on repair work for plumbing service, carpentry service, and gutter cleaning to catch up on backlog. 


Uncollectible Accounts: $42,000 lower, from fewer bad debt expenses.


Monthly Resales: Through May 2016, Third had 40 resales per month compared to the same in 2015, 28 in 2014, and 40 in 2013 for the same five months.

The Finance Committee has been reviewing and updating the current Financial Qualification Policy.  A revised policy was submitted to the board for approval this month.


Landscape and Water Conservation
by Third 2nd VP James Tung


In an effort to reduce turf, the landscape staff is preparing to convert regular grass to alternative turf and a number of ground-cover-greens. The planting will begin in the fall after the temperature cools down.


On the water conservation side, the plumbing section is doing an excellent job fixing leaking pipes, both under slabs and in-wall. In fact, they just repaired leaks to 12 meters that were causing high tier water usage.  Plumbing monitored by another six meters are scheduled to be serviced soon.


Even with higher irrigation water usage, our total was still under the budgeted amount by 25 percent for the past two months, thanks to the good work and attention to detail of our staff and residents.


Potted Plants on Balconies
By Compliance Coordinator Jacob Huanosto


A reminder from your Village Compliance Team...

United and Third Mutuals have resolutions regarding the care and maintenance of potted plants on balconies. 

When placing potted plants on balconies, you should remember that:


· All plants must be suitably potted with adequately sized saucers to collect excess water and elevated by substantial caster or sturdy platforms.

· Care must be used to control the amount of water given to these plants so as not to run over the saucer and collect on the floor surface or fall to lower levels, on people, windows, or objects belonging to neighbors. It is the resident’s responsibility to monitor excess water in saucers which may attract mosquitoes.

· No more than 15 percent of the total floor area of a balcony may be used for potted plants.

For more information or to report a violation, call 268-2327.


The Insurance Recommended For Your Home
By Insurance and Risk Analyst Dan Yost


The Laguna Woods Village corporations have property and liability insurance for common areas.  Every owner/member or lessee should obtain their own personal homeowners insurance policy to protect themselves and their assets.  The Mutuals’ property insurance policy covers damage if it exceeds a large deductible, but only for those portions of the building that the Mutual is responsible for, as specified in the governing documents.  The Mutuals do not carry Earthquake or Flood Insurance.  If reserves are not adequate to pay for reconstruction costs, special assessments of all owners would be necessary.


Owners and members should have insurance to cover improvements, additions, and alterations, even if installed by a previous owner, as well as enough to cover the $10,000 deductible on the Mutual’s policy.  Owners, members, and tenants need insurance to protect them if they cause the damage.  Examples could include a cooking accident that starts a fire or a clogged sink that overflows.  Homeowners insurance can also cover additional living expenses after a loss or liability for injury to someone else.  Loss Assessment and Earthquake Loss Assessment Insurance are other options to consider. 


Lessees should obtain a renter’s insurance policy to cover their personal property, additional living expenses, and personal liability.  Sub-lessors in United should also carry insurance for loss of use and displacement rentals for their sub-lessees.


For more information on insurance, please read the Annual Insurance Disclosure for your specific Mutual located at  The disclosures can be found by clicking on “Resale, Lender Information” at the top of the page and then clicking on “Information for Insurers”.


Calling All Clubs!


Interested in having a Third Board Member speak at an upcoming meeting? The Third Board Members are happy to make themselves available to speak to your group about "what's up" in Third and to answer questions.


To schedule a director for your next club meeting, call Eve Morton, Public Affairs, at 949-268-2565 or email



Independence Day
By Mutual No. Fifty Advisor Saretta Berlin


The newly refurbished Crystal Patio will be the site of a glorious Fourth of July celebration for Towers residents and their guests. 


With flags flying, entertainer Tony Rogers is scheduled to present his dynamic blend of singing and dancing along with a jubilant celebration for the national holiday.  The event begins with a meaningful remembrance of the nation’s past.  It is traditional at The Towers to sing the songs associated with each of the Armed Forces; with lyric sheets provided by the staff, veterans and residents stand and proudly participate.


The entertainment continues with an interpretation of the American Songbook. Name the tune or hum a few bars and Tony can reach into his endless supply of background music and generate a sing-along that usually gets everyone moving to the beat.  Once on their feet, residents find a familiar dance rhythm as Tony leads the crowd in line dances.  Some of the less active residents can be seen moving vigorously in their seats.


The Towers kitchen staff adds to the festivities with an elaborate BBQ menu that features ribs, served with four different sauces, chicken quarters, grilled fresh vegetables, and hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings.  Vegetarian and salad bar dishes are also available upon request.


The Crystal Patio holiday events are open to Towers residents and their guests.  Be sure to make your reservation early as the event always sells out. Call 597-4278.


Mutual No. Fifty Director Profile John Dalis
By Mutual No. Fifty Advisor Saretta Berlin

Mutual Fifty Vice President, John Dalis, has worn a number of hats in his long and varied career.  Born in 1930, he attended Cal State University Los Angeles, graduating with a degree in Administrative Management.  He spent most of his working career at CalTrans, specializing in acquiring properties for freeway development.  He started his career after serving two years in the army during the Korean War.

Following his wartime service, John became active in the American Legion.  He served as Commander of his Post and District.  He was also active in the American Legion Boys’ State.


John and his late wife, Anne, lived in Whittier for 30 years, raising their two children and participating in the community.  John served on the Personnel Board and on the Library Commission, and eventually became Chairman of both.  The Dalises were regulars at the Los Angeles Music Center venues.  After John moved to Orange County, he was a subscribing patron at the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center.  John traveled extensively, visiting Europe several times and going to Greece to see the sites of his homeland.  He also spent time in Asia, visiting Hong Kong and China, and later Australia.


John moved to Laguna Woods Village in 1993 and immediately began making friends and giving back to the community.  He served on a number of committees and was on the Board of Directors of United Mutual.  In 2005, he was honored by the Laguna Woods Historical Society as the Leisure Worlder of the Month.  He has been a long-time member of Kiwanis and served as President 2005-2006.  At the present time, John serves on the GRF Community Activity Committee, GRF Energy Committee, and the Mobile Vehicle Committee.


John is a long-time bridge player and enjoys the many opportunities for a challenging game at The Towers.


Brunch at The Towers
By Mutual No. Fifty Advisor Saretta Berlin


The only meal available to both residents and non-residents, the monthly Brunch at the Towers has rapidly become one of the community’s most popular attractions.  The Brunch is usually offered on the third Sunday, with the date sometimes moved to observe holidays such Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter Sunday.  It almost always sells out so be sure to call early to obtain a reservation at 597-4278.  


The Towers Brunch features an array of hot and cold dishes that are designed to dazzle. For seafood lovers, endless portions of cold shrimp, with a variety of sauces, are presented next to a whole poached salmon and a tray of green-lipped mussels.  The salad bar features an array of almost anything that can be added to a bowl of fresh greens.  Towers chefs stand behind the hot bar that usually includes freshly carved standing beef roast along with turkey, ham, fish, or chicken.  Vegetable side dishes and garnishes are healthful and delicious.


For breakfast lovers, there are made-to-order omelets, hot cakes, waffles, bacon, or sausage.  The pastry chef presents a tray of assorted cakes and chocolate goodies, but many guests enjoy the cheese blintzes with sour cream and fruit sauce as a dessert.  The Towers also proudly offers raisin bread pudding with vanilla sauce on a regular basis.


The Towers brunch, which costs $22 per person, will be offered on Sunday, July 17 and August 21, with service available from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  For information and reservations, please call the Tower Reception Desk at 949-597-4278. 


“Hello Dolly” at the Plummer Auditorium

By Mutual No. Fifty Advisor Saretta Berlin


“…Hold onto your hats, fellas”…. Dolly’s back in town!

Dolly Levi, legendary matchmaker and resident “yenta” of Yonkers, New York, returns to the local stage on Sunday, July 24 in a new production presented by 3D Theatricals at the historic Plummer Auditorium in Fullerton.


Dolly first arrived on the scene in a short story by Thornton Wilder, author of “Our Town” and other important American theater works.  Its first stage appearance was a play called “The Matchmaker,” which opened in 1955.  The stage production of “Hello Dolly”, with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman, opened in 1964, and was produced by the legendary David Merrick.  Since that time, Dolly has been performed here in the US and worldwide almost continuously.   Actresses who have played “Dolly” include Ethel Merman, Mary Martin, Nancy Walker, Ginger Rogers, and the ultimate dolly, Carol Channing.  A distinguished ensemble of African-American stars, including Pearl Bailey, Cab Calloway and a young Morgan Freeman, took the show on the road for some time.


The legendary Yiddish actress Molly Picon, appeared in an interestingly flavored “Dolly.”


The July 24 trip planned for Towers residents and their guests departs the front entrance at 12:30 p.m.  The price is $45, which includes door-to-door transportation to Fullerton and the cost of the tickets.  Bottled water will be available on the ride out, with wine and cocktail snacks served on the return trip.


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