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Photo Credit: Joel Goldstein

Update on Recall Lawsuit against GRF

Amended Complaint Brings Personal Action Against Two Current GRF Board Members

On May 24, 2016, the GRF Board approved including this chronology of events in this edition of “The Village Breeze.”

Freshley v. Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods.
(Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2015-0822066)

On November 2, 2015, a Special Meeting of the Corporate Members was held for the purpose of removing Kathryn Freshley (“Freshley”) and Mary Stone (“Stone”) from the Board of Directors for Golden Rain Foundation (“Golden Rain”).  At the November 2, 2015, meeting, 26 of the 27 Mutual Directors participated in the vote.  At the meeting, 7018 votes were cast in favor of removing Freshley (more than 55% of the total voting power), and 6,956 votes were cast in favor of removing Stone (more than 54% of the total voting power).  5,146 votes were cast against removal (representing just over 40% of the total voting power).

On November 22, 2015, Freshley and Stone filed suit against Golden Rain challenging the legality of the Special Meeting conducted on November 2, 2015, and seeking a court order restoring them to positions as directors on the Golden Rain Board.  The claim also seeks reimbursement to Plaintiffs of all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred.

On November 30, 2015, Directors Joan Milliman and John Luebbe were elected by the Corporate Members to fill the vacancies created on November 2, 2015.
On March 4, 2016, Freshley’s and Stone’s Petition for Writ of Mandate was denied by the trial court.  The trial court allowed Freshley’s and Stone’s claim for Declaratory Relief to remain, however, and invited an amended pleading to correct several references in the complaint to California statutes that were no longer operative.

On May 18, 2016, Golden Rain, Freshley, and Stone participated in mediation.  Just before mediation, Golden Rain reached out to several of the Directors on the Boards of the three Mutuals (i.e. Third, United, and Mutual No. 50) to determine the current level of support for the removal of Freshley and Stone.  More than 54% of the total voting power represented by Directors of the three Mutuals signed declarations shortly before mediation voicing approval of the removal of Freshley and Stone, and indicating that they would support recalling Freshley and Stone again if they were restored to the Golden Rain Board.  Despite this, Freshley and Stone would accept nothing short of being restored to the Golden Rain Board to settle.  Conversely, Golden Rain would not entertain any form of settlement that required it to disregard the vote and sentiment of its Corporate Members.  As such, settlement was not reached.

On May 19, 2016, Freshley and Stone amended their complaint to bring actions personally against Directors John Luebbe and Joan Milliman.  The amended complaint persists in the challenge to the November 2, 2015, Special Meeting, as well as the claim for reimbursement of all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred, and still makes reference to inoperative California Statutes.

Trial is presently set for June 27, 2016.  To date, the attorneys’ fees incurred by the Association are in the tens of thousands.  That is expected to increase significantly as the parties prepare for and appear at trial.


New General Services Director

Mr. Ernesto Munoz, after a 28-year career working in public service, will be on board to oversee custodial, transportation, fleet purchasing, and road and sidewalk maintenance for the Village. He starts on June 20.

Costa Mesa claimed Mr. Munoz from 1994-2011, where he acted as its Public Services Director. In that role, he was responsible for providing services from facilities maintenance to transportation and engineering. He was also responsible for overseeing more than $500 million in assets. He values staff and considers them a “close-knit family.”

Ernesto went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. After making his way to the Golden State, he earned a master’s degree from California State University, Long Beach and later was a city engineer for Cypress.

Mr. Munoz’s family includes Deborah, his wife of 27 years, and two adult sons now in college. His interests include reading, piloting a single-engine plane, and mostly he enjoys unscheduled time with family.

Art, Art, Everywhere!


The Laguna Woods Art Association has kindly loaned club members’ art work which is displayed at the Community Center. Nearly 80 artists competed to showcase their art and the finalists were chosen by a panel of six Art Association members and three VMS staff. Stop by and take a self-guided tour.


This newsletter is put together by all of the housing Mutuals and GRF.  If you have comments about this newsletter, please contact Beth Perak, GRF 2nd VP at, Burt Baum, Third Secretary at, Jan LaBarge, United 1st VP at, or Katy Howe, General Manager at the Towers at


If you have problems or concerns about your manor, please contact VMS at the following email addresses:

Or, go to and click on "Contact Us" on the left side of the page.  

Download the "Get Connected" phone list, click here.




Update on Recall Lawsuit against GRF


New Village General Services Director


Art, Art, Everywhere!





Golden Rain Foundation


Gate Entry Checks


Disposing of Hazardous Waste


The Perfect Father's Day Gift


Are You Losing Sound on your Broadband Channels?


Trouble Paying your Electricity or Telephone Bill?


Mowing and Grass cycling


Kudos to VMS


Media and Communications Committee Update



United Mutual


President's Update


Answers to Sub-Leasing Town Hall


Finance Committee Update,


Proposed Budget Changes,


Trouble with Debris and Clutter Around Trash Bins?


United Director Profile: Eva Lydick


Third Mutual


Did You Know?


Hot Flashes


Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Manor


Finance Committee Summary




Water Conservation


Committee Volunteers Needed


Third Director Profile: John Frankel



The Towers


Proud Marathon Walkers


Father's Day Brunch


Welcome Prospective Residents and Realtors


Mutual No. Fifty Director Profile: Ryna Rothberg




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Gate Entry Checks


In order to provide the best customer service possible to our residents and to assure their safety, the Security Division is conducting random gate entry checks.  This includes setting up checkpoints to confirm that automobiles have current decals and all guests (including pass holders) have the proper entry authorization.

Five gate entry checks have been conducted. Below are the findings.



Disposing of Hazardous Waste, Batteries, and Sharps

Sharps Disposal

Sharps disposal services are provided by WM Curbside, Inc., under contract with the City. Services are provided free of charge to residents. Simply call WM Curbside at 1-800 449-7587 and a sharps disposal container will be mailed to you. Needles, lancets, and other home-generated sharps waste may be disposed of in the container. A self-addressed, postage-paid label is included with each container for return shipping.

Disposing of Hazardous Waste and Batteries



The City of Laguna Woods offers free collection of certain household hazardous materials to residents. Through this program, residents can schedule a collection of the materials listed below:

  • Automotive Products (used motor oil, oil filters and batteries)
  • Garden Chemicals (pesticides, herbicides and weed killers)
  • Paint Products
  • Household Cleaners
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals
  • Household Batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)
  • Thermometers and thermostats
  • Used Needles (Sharps)

There are three easy ways to schedule a collection:

Go to; call 1-800-449-7587 (M-F, 5:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. PST); or email:


The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A Night at the Performing Arts Center

The Recreation Department is hosting two summer events in the Laguna Woods Village Performing Arts Center (formerly Clubhouse 3):  an a cappella singing group, “Who’s Your Daddy”; and hypnotist, Steve Bayner.  Tickets are $15 and $25 and will be on sale beginning May 27, 2016, at the box office.

June 25 - “Who’s Your Daddy”


“Who’s Your Daddy” isn’t just Jerry Springer’s favorite question. It’s also the name of the a cappella singing group.  Formed four years ago by three longtime friends and another guy who brought the sandwiches, “Who’s Your Daddy!” brings a whole new approach to performing songs such as “Sundown”, “Some Kind of Wonderful”, and “Reelin’ in the Years”. The Daddies have sung the National Anthem at the Staples Center opening the L.A. Kings games and NYC’s Madison Square Garden opening the Knicks and Rangers games.  

July 22 – Hypnotist, Steve Bayner (Sponsored by CARE Ambulance)

The Steve Bayner Hypnotist Show is one of the most sought after, successful shows of its kind. Each year, Steve performs before millions of people. Audience participation is key to each show’s success.  Volunteers become the stars of the show.  The remaining viewing audience is captivated by the show filled with impromptu reactions and hilarious talents.  Each show has its own personality and humor, reflecting the uniqueness of the individuals in the audience.


Are You Losing Sound on your Broadband Channels? By Broadband Services/Community Relations Director Russ Ridgeway

Intermittent audio dropouts occur when the sound portions of your program stop and then restart a second or two later. These occurrences are very infrequent and last only seconds; they can be caused by numerous factors such as loose cables, weak signals, faulty HDMI ports or problems with the signal received from the programmer. 

It is difficult to isolate an inconsistent and unpredictable occurrence; therefore we recommend the following troubleshooting measures:

  • Inspect your cables and connections carefully. One small injury to the cable or connectors could create a weak signal which will cause the audio to skip.
  • Test your HDMI cable by connecting your HDMI cable to a different HDMI port and/or connecting a different HDMI cable to your device.

If you continue having trouble, contact GRF Broadband Services at 949-837-2670. There is no charge.



Trouble paying your electricity or telephone bill?

By President of the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village Marcy Sheinwold

If your electricity bill is overtaking your budget, the SCE California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE) may be able to provide monthly discounts as high as 35 percent. If you are already on a government public assistance program or if your combined annual income is less than $31,860 for one to two persons, and you have your own electric meter, you may qualify.  To request an application, to see if you qualify, or to get more information, go to

The California LifeLine Program provides discounted home and cell phone service to qualified households. Only one discount per household is allowed (except for teletypewriter users and for Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program participants), either for a home or cell phone. If you are enrolled in a public assistance program, or if your household's total annual gross income is $25,900 or less for one to two persons, you may qualify.  To apply, call your phone company and ask about the program.


Mowing and Grass cycling

By Landscape Director Kurt Rahn

Mowing Schedule

A mowing crew typically consists of seven to eight riding mowers, an edger, and a blower.  The mowing schedule depends upon the time of year and weather conditions.  In the winter months when the grass growth is at its slowest and some species of turf are dormant, the mowing schedule is every other week or so.  From late spring through summer and into fall, when the grass is actively growing, mowing takes place every nine to twelve days (depending on the weekend). Edging of the walkways is performed every other mowing cycle.

There are instances when sudden changes in weather or fertilizer activity cause the turf to grow more rapidly.  In these situations, staff makes every effort to change the mowing schedule to regain the proper turf conditions.

The mowing height is kept at four inches to minimize the evaporation of the moisture from the soil surface.  This promotes deeper, more vigorous root systems, creating healthier turf that survives on less water.  The taller grass has the added benefit of shading out more weeds and reducing the need to apply herbicides.

Grass cycling

Grass cycling is a term used to describe the ability of the mowers to chop grass clippings so fine that they drop back into the lawn, allowing the water and nutrient-rich clippings to remain in the lawn.  This practice reduces water and fertilizer costs as well as the labor costs associated with disposal.  Half of the mower fleet is comprised of machines that are able to switch from grass cycling to collecting.  In times of heavy growth, or when there is excessive leaf debris from the trees, these machines are used to collect the clippings to ensure the area is clean. 

Occasionally, when the grass is especially tall or wet, there is a tendency for the grass clippings to clump together leaving behind mounds of browned clippings.  When this problem occurs, the crews are instructed to go back and manually disperse the clumps or switch to collection mode.

The mowers are also used as a tool to eliminate light shrub clippings generated during the pruning of shrubs.  The shrub clippings are dropped on the lawns, where the mowers can “grass cycle” them, reducing the labor necessary to remove.  Grass cycling should not be confused with a mowing cycle, as it is only done in shrub pruning areas.

Kudos to VMS

If the newly resurfaced tennis courts are any indication, the first half-year of self-governing is a great success.  The courts look terrific and play well.  If the courts are the benchmark of all future projects - well done!


Media and Communications Committee Update
By GRF Director JoAnn diLorenzo


The Media and Communications Committee met in May and began addressing methods to keep the Community abreast of progress the current administration and boards are making. This involved discussing programming ideas for TV6.

Several residents have expressed interest in having resident-based content on our TV station.  Content might include, how to communicate with each other, happenings in the Village, and content that is of special interest to residents, such as the “Learn to Play Bridge” programs by Audrey Grant.

The Committee will be discussing programming as well as looking into the feasibility of converting our station to digital, which should improve picture quality.

If you have comments or suggestions, you can attend the meeting on Monday, June 13, at 1:30 p.m., in the Board Room at the administration building or contact me at



President's Update

By United President Lenny Ross

  • United is moving forward with a required upgrade to electrical panels. Staff has done a thorough search and found a supplier whose price was around 50 percent that of the other contractors.
  • New means of epoxy-lining our two-inch interior waste line pipes have surfaced. Our goal is to increase plumbing reserves by 50 percent to cover the cost associated with implementation. This increase would allow United to take a pro-active approach and reline both interior and exterior sewer lines.
  • United entertained a second solar presentation with a different approach to JCI’s initial design. Further review is imminent.
  • On May 11, staff presented the initial landscape budget: and, on May 13, the Maintenance and Construction budget was reviewed by the Board.  Service levels are being determined in order to submit for the final budget.  Our next review of the budget will be Thursday, August 11, at 9:30 a.m., in the Board Room.            


United Board Answers to March 31 Sub-Leasing Town Hall Written Questions
By United Board Members



The following are questions pertaining to the following topics.  A number of similar questions have been condensed to provide just one answer.

Adult children purchasing a manor for their parents

1. Are $24,000 in income and $75,000 in assets required for parents when children buy the manor for them? Does this still apply to a one parent application?

In situations where children are purchasing a manor for their parents, the Board is considering requiring both the parents and children to qualify under the current Guarantor Rules:  the children buying the unit would be required to have at least $90,000 in income and $250,000 in assets; and the parents would be required to have at least $24,000 in income and $75,000 in assets.  These requirements would apply for the parents occupying the unit whether it involves one or two individuals.

Please note, a new resolution passed April 2016, requires the age appropriate parent(s) to be listed on the stock certificate, and the number of individuals on the stock certificate will be restricted to the number of original bedrooms in the unit plus one; i.e.; two bedrooms, three buyers, one bedroom, two buyer

Successor trustees of a trust

2. What are the sub-lease implications for successor trustees of a trust?

The successor trustee must apply for membership within 3 months of obtaining an interest in the property and must stay current with HOA dues.  After becoming a member, he/she may reside in the unit if 55+.  If under age, the successor trustee cannot occupy the unit, but he/she may lease the unit and wait until they are 55 to move in.  Their other option is to sell the unit.  

Lease Terms and Renewal

3. What is the length of a sub-lease and can these be renewed?

Sub-leases must be for a term of at least 30 days up to one year.  At the end of the term, the lease can be renewed to the same person or to a new person for a fee.  See Qualifier #2.

4. Will a 12-month sublet be allowed to start if the member’s lease, under the Occupancy Agreement, has only 6 months left before renewal?


Problem Sub-lessees

5. Renters Sub-leasing; how can you stop this?

We can stop it with help from our resident members. First, we need to know that it is happening, that’s where our resident members come in; tell us when and where it is occurring. Sub-letting by sub-lessees is not permitted! Knowing where it is active will allow us to identify the certificate holder and call them in for a hearing. Violations can result in substantial financial penalties and, if the violation continues, termination of membership which will force the sale of the unit.

6. Can you remove an occupant from a unit if arrested and/or convicted of a felony?

If arrested, they may be taken away to serve time. If an occupant commits a felony, this will be dealt with by our court system, not us. United does not do any background checks. The responsibility to vet sub-lessees lies completely with the member(s). The member makes all the decisions regarding who they will allow to rent their unit and will be held responsible for sub-lessees actions while on campus.

7. Do you know how many people are here without having been vetted at all?

All membership applications are reviewed by the United Board and require the approval of three Directors. Sub-lessees are not vetted by the Board. One would expect that the Member sub-letting the unit will take care of whom they allow into the community, especially since they are responsible for their sub-lessees’ actions.


8. Why restrict roommates? We are allowed two persons for a two bedroom unit. Many single people would like financial help as well as company.

Our Occupancy Agreement indicates that if you sublease, you must sublease the whole unit.

9. What are the rules for residents renting part of their apartment?

As per #9, you must sub-lease the entire unit. If you want someone to live with you, you can request a co-occupant, but you cannot charge rent.

General Questions on Sub-leasing   

10. Seal Beach and Walnut Creek do not allow renters. If there is a law that owners can’t be prevented from renting; how can they restrict owners from doing so?

The current law states that if you have never allowed subleasing, you can continue to prohibit subleasing going forward. Because United has allowed subleasing, it must continue to do so for all current members.

11. 30-day restriction will not work! Please consider 14 days.

The Board is considering 15 working days.

12. Can we trade homes with others around the country for vacation rentals?

No, this is not allowed under the Bylaws or the Occupancy Agreement.

13. Active leases:  Is that number of leases or number of manors?

At any moment in time, the number of active leases is the number of units sublet at that moment.  Monthly reports are provided at United Board meetings and broadcast on TV6 as part of the Treasurer’s report.

14. Who keeps track of information on a sublease?

VMS staff as agent for United.

15. How many of the 500+ units that were sold recently are being rented, not the 7% of total, just the recent sales?

You would have to define recently to get an actual answer. A week, a month, six months?

16. How many shares of stock are owned by GRF or others in excess of the shares owned by unit members?

GRF does not own any stock in United.

17. Why aren’t other banks besides NCB allowed to make loans in United Mutual?

Currently, NCB is the only bank making loans in United.  Other banks have done business in United in the past; however, since United is a cooperative, banks must enter into a Recognition Agreement with United that places United in first place in the event of a default, and this requirement serves as an obstacle to some lenders.  
The United Board is currently consulting with legal counsel regarding questions regarding Multiple Ownership.

The United Board wishes to thank you for attending our Town Hall Meeting. Your thoughtful questions have helped us to better understand your concerns, as well as to plan ahead and get ready for the onset of the CAP. We look forward to meeting with you again at our next Town Hall event.

Finance Committee Update
By United Secretary Pat English


United Board continues on a path of fiscal conservatism as evidenced by:

• A surplus of approximately $284,000 through March 2016

• A Reserve Balance of approximately $22,600,000

• Delinquencies less than $60,000 spread over 29 units  

• An average increase in resales through April of .8 percent

• Leased units for April 2016 comprising 7.5 percent of units

There will be some large expenses in the near future for upgrades to hot water heaters and electrical panels. These expenses are a result of requirements issued by the City of Laguna Woods and will take several years to complete.


Proposed Budget Changes for 2017
By United Director Eva Lydick

United Board is recommending few changes in the service levels for Landscape.  The Board did vote to increase carport cleaning from twice a year to quarterly.  Since a number of residents have noted that the frequency of mowing has been reduced (from about 34 times a year to 28), the Board considered increasing mowing, but decided to take no action at this time.


Troubled by Debris and Clutter Around Trash Bins?

The Board has received a number of complaints from residents about debris and messes left in trash areas.  These areas are the responsibility of the trash hauler, not VMS or United.  However, it is the responsibility of residents to breakdown boxes, place trash in the correct containers and schedule bulky pick-ups when necessary.  If you are having a problem with unsightly trash areas, please call Waste Management at 714-558-7761.

Just a Reminder:

United is looking for a few good men/women to run for the Board this September. Get up-to-date on what’s going on by reading United By-laws, reviewing resolutions, and attending committee, budget, and board meetings. A well-informed candidate is a great candidate.


United Board Director Profile:  Eva Lydick
By Third Advisor Carol St.Hilaire

United Director Eva Lydick was born in Fullerton, California, and grew up in Orange County.  She attended UCLA.  At the age of 32, she moved to Pennsylvania, and later, Delaware, New Mexico, and Louisiana.  When she was ready to retire, Laguna Woods Village was her first choice to live.  She remembered when the Village was being developed and wondered if it were still in existence. It was, so she visited the community; and in September,
2011, she purchased a home and moved.

Eva likes to travel, and she enjoys
bird watching, reading, and retirement.  She appreciates the wide range of activities available by the clubs and the Emeritus Institute.  She is passionate about protecting the environment.  

Eva worked for large companies for over 30 years, so she is accustomed to dealing with people
with a wide range of expertise and different opinions.  She brings to the United Board a strong working knowledge of business practices.  As a Board member, she often uses Google to research the information she needs.


Did You Know?

By Third 1st VP Rosemarie di Lorenzo Dickins


Reflective Building Numbers on Cul-de-sacs Pilot Program – Staff has been asked to perform a pilot program in cul-de-sacs 353, 354, 355, 356, and 357 by stenciling each of the building numbers with reflective paint on the curb. Why not attend the next M&C committee meeting on June 6 at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Room to see what the committee decides are next steps?  

Updated Uniforms - VMS is looking at new and fresher looking uniforms for the employees with better quality at a better price.

Welcome Packet for New Third Residents - All new Third Mutual residents are given a folder when they get their ID badge with important phone numbers, contact information for their Board, and other essential information they will need.  

Hot Flashes
By Third Secretary Burt Baum

That Lucky Old Sun -The Third Board is working to harness some of the sun’s energy to generate electricity by installing solar panels on a select number of three-story buildings.  We will then be able to produce about 80 percent of the electricity required in the common areas (breezeways, carports, laundry rooms, walkways, etc.).  Our electric bill now runs about $600,000 a year and promises to keep rising.  Since we all pay for this bill through our assessments, this move will help keep this fee in check.  (Unfortunately this will not affect your home electric bill.)  The Third Board is in active negotiations to find the most efficient, cost effective way to go solar.

Election Time - Forget about Trump and Hillary, we’re having our own yearly election.  So, before you start worrying about saving the country, how about helping Third Mutual?  The terms of four of the 11 current directors will end this September and we are in need for good people to run.  Have ideas on how to improve things in the Mutual?  Here’s your chance.  Who knows?  This might be a stepping stone to the White House.  For more information and an application contact Kim Taylor, the Corporate Secretary, at 597–4262.  You can also speak to any director to find out about life in the trenches.  You still have time to think it over and also convince other potential candidates–nominations close on August 17.  Lastly, don’t forget to vote; ballots will be mailed on August 26.

Termites, Tents and Thieves - As you may know, there were some burglaries in Third manors that were tented for fumigation to eliminate termites.  This is the first time in 30 years that a burglary of this magnitude has occurred in our community.  The Sheriff’s office is investigating.  Our Security force has increased its vigilance and will monitor homes that will be tented in the future.  In the meantime, it’s wise to follow such good safety practices as locking your door and car, and notifying Security of any suspicious activity.  No reason to panic though––this is still a very safe place to live.

Budget Time - Have you seen directors scurrying about with a bunch of paper under their arms?  Well, they’re working on the 2017 budget.  In the first steps, the Board had separate meetings with the Landscape and Maintenance Operations Directors, all under the watchful eye of our Financial Services Director, Betty Parker.  Service level requirements, as well as operating and reserve expenditures for each of the programs, were reviewed and discussed.  Staff is now processing input for Brad Hudson, CEO who will present his budget on July 20. The Third Board will discuss and review the total budget on August 12.  On September 20, the directors will vote on the final budget.  These are all open meetings and residents are invited to attend and see how we plan to spend your money.

What You Can Do to Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Manor?


Resident Services maintains keys to manors in the Community Center for the convenience of Laguna Woods Village residents. The Key File Program is
completely voluntary, but members are encouraged to participate:

  • In the event of an emergency maintenance repair during a resident’s absence, access can be made to the Manor;
  • Should a residing member be locked out they can obtain the key(s) without having to call a locksmith.  

To submit keys for your Manor into the program, please visit Resident Services in the Community Center.  Once your key(s) are submitted, if you are locked out of your Manor you can retrieve your key(s) Monday thru Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  If it is after hours, please call Security Dispatch at 949-580-1400 and they will obtain your key and bring it to your home.

Finance Committee Summary
By Third Treasurer Wei-Ming Tao

Through March 31, 2016, Third Mutual had a $537,000 operating surplus. Total operating expenses were $255,000 less than budget primarily due to these key variances:

Utilities: $139,000, from consumption and rates for electricity, water, and trash that were lower than anticipated. To date, Third has kept 98 percent of its water consumption within the efficient tiers.

Legal fees: $32,000, from lower legal expenses than anticipated.

Management Fee: $38,000, from elimination of the management fee.  This favorable variance offsets Third's portion of unbudgeted compensation and related costs for the CEO and Community Manager.

General Maintenance: ($81,000); unfavorable due to higher repair work for plumbing and carpentry services and gutter cleaning.

Uncollectible and Insurance: $40,000, from less bad debt expenses and lower premiums for hazard and liability insurance.

Monthly Resales: Through April 2016, 35 resales per month compared to 36 resales per month in 2015, 27 in 2014, and 37 in 2013 for the same four months.

Monthly Leasing: Through April 2016, 1,655 leases per month compared to 1,711 resales per month in 2015 for the same four months.  The leasing ratio is 27.1 percent of total units.


By Third 2nd VP James Tung

Because of the drought situation, many of our lawns need attention.  Staff is looking at alternative drought-tolerant ground covers.  The positives are they look good and we do not need to modify our existing watering system.  Plus, less water and mowing would be required.


Water Conservation
By Third 2nd VP James Tung

Northern California drought restrictions have been reduced. No decision has been made by our legislature for Southern California requirements.  In July, a legislative meeting will be held to evaluate what the new guidelines will be and next steps.  We must continue to conserve water and hope strict penalties will be lowered.



Volunteer Advisors Needed for Committees

Volunteers are needed to be Board Advisors for the following committees; Maintenance and Construction, Finance, Landscape, Communications, and Energy.  If you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to be an Advisor, please contact Rosemarie diLorenzo Dickins at or visit the concierges’ in the Community Center and ask for a resident talent questionnaire, complete, and direct it to Third Mutual.

Profile on Third Director John Frankel
By Third Advisor Carol St.Hilaire

Director John Frankel is a sixth generation native Californian.  John graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1960 with a degree in Civil Engineering, and served in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps.  While enlisted, he managed construction of Vietnam airfields and other public works tours.   His final tour was as Public Works and Resident Officer in charge of construction at a naval air station.  John’s registration as a civil engineer in California remains active.

John and Dotty moved to Mission Viejo and spent 20 years in Rancho Santa Margarita.  After retirement from the Navy, he was employed for 20 years by the Austin Company, a large design/build construction company, as a project manager.  Projects included extensive Boeing facilities, including the Delta 4 Rocket facility.  John also served for 12 years on the Architectural Review Committee for SAMLARC, the homeowners association for the entire city.  John and Dotty moved to Laguna Woods a year ago. John served as an advisor to the Third M&C committee until an opening occurred on the Third Board that he was elected to in January.

Director Frankel’s focus is to bring his project management skills and critical path approach to the committees he serves (Third M&C, landscape, energy, purchasing, dry rot, and the GRF M&C committee).   He enjoys working with staff and his fellow board members to assist in bringing a strong professional approach to all projects.


Calling All Clubs!


Interested in having a Third Board Member speak at an upcoming meeting? The Third Board Members are happy to make themselves available to speak to your group about "what's up" in Third and to answer questions.


To schedule a director for your next club meeting, call Eve Morton, Public Affairs, at 949-268-2565 or email



Proud Marathon Walkers

For well over a year now, a group of committed and enthusiastic Towers residents have been meeting every Friday morning outside the Towers’ main lobby to complete a mile loop around a portion of the Par 3 golf course.  The weekly walk through the neighborhood has become a tradition and something all participants look forward to. The group stops for a water break and to take a few minutes to enjoy each other’s company about halfway.  Each resident’s progress is tracked on a board in the Towers’ Rendezvous Room.  At the conclusion of each walk, participants proudly move their marker one mile further along the ‘marathon map.’  Some have a goal of finishing a marathon (26.2 miles).  Several Towers’ residents have already completed their marathon, their goal now is to walk as many marathons as their legs will allow!

Honor Your Father with a Brunch

What else says ‘I love you, Dad’ like a stack of fresh pancakes topped with melted butter and homemade maple syrup?  The Towers invites you to celebrate the men in your life at a Father’s Day Brunch!  Breakfast favorites will be available—create your own omelet, freshly sliced Prime Rib, a salad bar as well as a selection of seafood items, pastries and more!  Brunch tickets are $22 a person and can be purchased at The Reception Desk. Call to make a reservation at (949) 597-4278 before it sells out!

Welcome Prospective Residents and Realtors

The Towers will be hosting a Prospective Resident and Realtor Reception on Saturday, June 4, at noon.  If you’ve ever been curious about life at The Towers, come to this event and get all your questions answered!  General Manager, Katy Howe, will give a brief presentation on life at The Towers, and then a panel of current residents answers questions. Free refreshments will be provided by The Towers’ on-site dining service.  After the panel, participants have the opportunity to meet with realtors and tour available units.  Please RSVP by calling The Towers’ Reception Desk at 949-597-4278.

Mutual No. Fifty Director Profile Ryna Rothberg
By Third Advisor Carol St.Hilaire

Mutual Fifty President, Ryna Rothberg, was born in Hartford, CT.  She spent her adolescent summers on the tar beaches of Manhattan, graduated from college, married, and moved to southern California in 1962.  She is retired from public library service, where she experienced the joy of introducing parents and children to the wonderful world of children’s literature, and she got to rub elbows with the “greats” in the field.

Director Rothberg moved to The Towers in 2010 and was immediately drafted to serve on the Board.  She is in her second term as President and on various GRF committees.

Her experience includes developing departmental budgets for two cities, director on synagogue boards, treasurer for an AAUW branch, Finance Committee member, chair of greenbelt landscaping, and library administrator.

Ryna’s volunteerism has been broad and diverse, from managing the ushering at a community theater to handling boas and opossums at the Santa Ana Zoo.

Director Rothberg’s passion is live theater, with subscriptions to seven theaters.  She has dabbled in writing including a shopper’s column and book reviews for local newspapers; articles in professional journals; and organization newsletters.  She loves to cook, and she tirelessly endeavors to master the Spanish language.

Ryna’s current addiction is word-search games. They make one realize that there’s more than one way to spell a word; translate that to mean to analyze a situation and evaluate information.

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