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APRIL - MAY 2016

The Village Breeze

Photo Credit: Peggy Edwards


New Security Director on Board

The Boards of Laguna Woods Village are pleased to announce that Tim Moy will be joining the team as Director of Security.  Tim has over 31 years of service with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department where he attained the rank of Commander. Tim oversees Field Operations consisting of 13 contract cities and roughly 700,000 residents as well as Airport and Homeland Security. He will be assuming his position as Director of Security in the Village on June 6, 2016.   

CEO Brad Hudson said, “The Village is very fortunate to have found someone of Commander Moy’s caliber.  The safety of our residents is our top priority and I am confident that Tim’s experience will be an asset to our Community.” Tim earned his Bachelor’s Degree from California State University Long Beach, received Executive Education from Harvard and Notre Dame, and is a graduate of the prestigious FBI National Academy.

Over the course of his career, Tim’s assignments have included Custody, Patrol, Training, Aviation, Hazardous Devices, Tactical Apprehension, Coroner’s Office, Terrorism Task Force, and Crisis Negotiation.

Tim plans to maintain and build upon his strong working relationships with the Sheriff’s Department, Fire Authority, and other public safety organizations to ensure the highest level of service to the residents of Laguna Woods Village.  He has been married to his wife Kathleen of 30 years and they have three adult children. When not at work, Tim enjoys fishing, jogging, and woodworking.

Correction:  In the March/April newsletter, we incorrectly contributed the article entitled “Water News” to Rosemarie di Lorenzo Dickins when in fact it was written by James Tung.


Golden Rain Foundation

CH 2 Renovation History

Garden Centers Update

Garden Center Moratorium

Kitchen Fee for Residents/Clubs

Elevator Permits and Safety

Speech to Club Presidents

Volunteers Needed for AED Training

Installation of New Vending Machines

GRF Security Committee Report

Get to Know GRF Director John Luebbe

Lost and Found

United Mutual

United Board Highlights

Interested in Leadership?

Election Five Months Away

Committee Developments- Maintenance & Construction

Snake in the Ivy

Committee Developments - Energy Committee

United Board Director Profile - Lenny Ross

Third Mutual

Did you Know?

Hot Flashes

Electric Cars

Water News 

Recycling and Bulky Item Collection

Finance Committee Summary

Get to Know Third Director David Finley

The Towers

Mother's Day Brunch

Towers Residents Display Their Patriotism at Memorial Day BBQ Party

Board Meeting Update


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Clubhouse 2 Renovation History
By GRF Secretary Judith Troutman

GRF commenced renovation on Clubhouse 2, May 5, 2015. Clubhouse 2 Ad Hoc Committee expected to find some dry rot, and termite damage in our 50 year old masterpiece but, during the discovery phase, extensive damage and structural abnormalities were exposed. These changes will require a new completion date of August 19, 2016 and will expand our original budget from $4 M to over $7 M. Contained in this budget are monies for Architectural Design and Furnishings.

Specific Budget Amounts:





Structural Repairs....$378,670

Click here to view the Resolutions which approved these funds.

Clubhouse 2 Renovation Ad Hoc Committee meets every second Monday, 9:30 a.m. in the Boardroom. Photos and discussions at these open meetings are a great way to keep abreast of the progress being made. For additional reports, we encourage you to view TV Channel 6, This Day program, 8:30 a.m. the second Wednesday of each month.

Click here to see more Clubhouse 2 renovation photos on the Village Photo Album Facebook page.

Click here to see the April 13 update given by Judith Troutman on TV6.

Garden Centers Update
By GRF 1st VP John Parker

For the last six years, we have heard about the 400 person waiting list for garden plots. The proposed solution was Garden Center 3, budgeted at $1.3M.

Fact: Garden Center 1 and 2 have 722 garden plots and the actual number of users is 408 which equates to 1.8 plots per lessee.

The original design of the Garden Centers accurately anticipated the demand requirements of the community by defining plots, with four stakes in each corner, approximately 10 by 20 feet. Over the years, buildings, fencing and cages were constructed without acquiring City building permits. Trees were allowed to be planted in land deemed unsuitable for garden plots, e.g. slopes.

Transferring and re-assigning plots is a clear violation of Garden Center policies. Garden Centers are the property of the Golden Rain Foundation; no individual has ownership and is only a user for the duration of the current annual lease. Entitlement and grandfathering issues need to be balanced by the demand for the facility.

The current condition of Garden Center 1 and 2 finds many deteriorating soil retaining devices and fences and cages in various states of disrepair. There are many potentially unsafe conditions, creating liability that could put the entire community at risk.  The general appearance of the Garden Centers, especially Garden Center 1, has been described as reminiscent of a shanty town.

If GRF were to proceed with Garden Center 3, it would be at least two years at best before any plot would be available. This development would have to meet all city requirements (parking, restrooms, water systems, layout, grading, building permits) and the soil would need extensive amending.  In the meantime Garden Centers 1 and 2 would remain unchanged.

As Chair of the GRF Landscape Committee, I have worked over the past few months with past presidents of the Garden Center.  Our ultimate proposal to GRF is to inventory the Garden Centers to identify plots that are fallow or those that are out of compliance in order to assign a maximum of a 200 square foot plot to residents on the waiting list.

Therefore, I recommend that GRF first pursue maximizing the utilization of Garden Center 1 and 2. This would involve: standardizing plot sizes, disallowing multiple plot leasing in the future, removing unsightly and unsafe construction, standardizing fencing, upgrading and standardizing retaining walls, and storage. The existing plots have soil that has been amended and improved for 50 years.

This direction would result in an upgrade of existing facilities, require only minimal if any city input, and would accommodate those on the waiting list in a timelier manner. This proposal could be accomplished for far less than $1.3 M (the cost of a new garden center).

Garden Center Moratorium

On March 1, 2016, GRF began a study to maximize the utilization of Garden Centers 1 and 2.  This study includes a review of current policies and procedures. In the interim, a moratorium on any individual garden plot construction is in place.  The only allowable construction will be a temporary plot fence, a temporary repair of the retaining device, or the repair of water delivery systems.

Kitchen Fee For Residents or Clubs

During the April 5, 2016 GRF Board Meeting, a resolution was passed regarding a kitchen fee for residents or clubs.

•    A $25 kitchen fee will be charged when major appliances (stovetop, oven, dishwasher, propane BBQ, and pantry access (dishes, flatware)) are used for meal preparation/service while renting a small dining room. The small dining rooms include Clubhouses 1 and 2 Dining Rooms and Clubhouse 6 Main Lounge.

•    A $50 kitchen fee will be charged when major appliances are used for meal preparation/service while renting a large dining room or a Main Lounge. The large dining rooms include the Clubhouse 3 Dining Rooms, and Main Lounges in Clubhouses 1, 5, 7, and Clubhouse 2 Ballroom.

The use of the refrigerator, freezer, microwave and or coffee urns ONLY will not result in a charge. This kitchen fee does not apply when a GRF approved caterer is providing service to group; the caterer pays a separate fee. This fee will be collected by Clubhouse Staff when arranging for setup needs and checks should be made payable to GRF.

Elevator Permits and Safety

The State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, inspects and permits elevators each year. In the last few years however, this Department has been behind schedule inspecting and granting permits for many elevators throughout the State. Subsequently, several elevators in Laguna Woods Village may show expired permits. This is not a reflection on the safety of the elevators. Staff continues to monitor and maintain each elevator monthly to ensure that they are safe to use by all Village residents and guests. 

Community Activities Committee Chair Remarks to Club Presidents
By GRF Treasurer Margaret Klein

On March 23, 2016 Margaret Klein, GRF Treasurer and Chair of the Community Activities Committee  addressed the Club Presidents.

There has been an increasing demand for rentable rooms as a result of the changing population of the Village in the past decade.

Read her entire presentation on Recreation policies and potential amendments by clicking here.

Volunteers needed for training on Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)
By GRF Director John Beckett

The Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) Task Force is seeking volunteers to be trained in CPR and the use of AED. GRF is purchasing AED for each clubhouse and recreational facility. AEDs are useless without people who are trained to use them.

CEO Bradley Hudson announced plans to provide training to all VMS staff members. Since trained staff members may not always be in the right place at the right time, we’re asking you to volunteer for training. You’ll receive a certificate that’s good for two years. Best of all, the class is free.  If you’re willing to participate, please email the Chair of the AED Task Force at

Installation of New Vending Machines

During the week of March 11, new vending machines were installed in many common areas of the Village. Thirty percent of the content for these machines include healthy options, based on California schools nutritional standards.

These healthier snacks contain:

•    35 percent or less total calories from fat
•    10 percent or less total calories from saturated fat
•    35 percent or less added sugar by weight of product

Click here for a list of all Village vending machine locations.

GRF Security Committee Report
By GRF Director John Luebbe

GRF is in the process of updating the Gate Access System (GAS) in the community. The GRF Boards have been studying the gate access system since 1999. In 2000, GRF approved a $1.5 million appropriation to upgrade GAS.  In 2002, the Board rescinded the appropriation. In 2011, the Board commissioned a study of our GAS by Urban Crossroads a consulting firm.  At the time, Urban Crossroads reported that the current system was porous, the gate ambassadors lacked the ability to verify all vehicles entering simultaneously across three lanes of traffic, and the system lacked the ability to track entrants by pass type.  Right now, the current system is unable to enforce parking restrictions and gate ambassadors do not have the ability to issue passes resulting in over 30,000 calls per month for gate access.  Passes cannot be electronically rescinded and current passes are easily falsified.

The new GAS system will use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) including license plate recognition with gate barriers and surveillance cameras.  Software will allow smooth and secure gate access, self-registration of vendors and guests, greater parking control, and better control of illegal occupants resulting in better security for our community. The cost of the system is funded in several phases. The first phase includes installing two new gate houses that are long overdue at Gates 5 and 6 for a cost of $750,000.  The GAS, includes the basic software for the whole community at a cost of $694,000.  The cost to implement the entire system in the community is between $50,000 and $100,000 per gate.

Get to Know GRF Director John Luebbe

By GRF Director Joan Milliman

John Luebbe (GRF Board Member) spent most of his life in Montana. He was a business owner and worked as an independent sales representative and sales manager for apparel companies, merchandizing souvenir collections for National Parks and other gift shops. His education includes degrees in Zoology and Botany with a minor in Chemistry.

He moved into Laguna Woods Village in 2010 and met his wife Donna in 2011 in
a beginning Bridge class.  John and Donna enjoy an active lifestyle in the Village and participate in many community activities.  John is passionate about being in the best physical condition possible so he can keep up with Donna.  John belongs to the Bridge Club, the Men’s Golf Club, and the Bicycle Club.  He also serves at Saddleback Church.  John and Donna love to travel (especially on cruises) and keep busy dancing, going to the theatre and movies. They also enjoy entertaining at home where John does most of the family cooking.

John’s work on the GRF Board reflects a balanced perspective. His experience serving on the Third Mutual Board last year helped him understand how the community works.  He is able to listen to different sides of an issue and either come to a consensus or suggest an alternative solution.  His approach to the research required of all board members is to be thorough.  He enjoys working with staff and other board members. John believes transparency and communication is the key to bringing our community together.  John chairs the GRF Energy committee and GRF Security and Community Access committee and serves on the Maintenance and Construction committee.  He believes saving energy through technology will enable the community to have more money to upgrade infrastructure in the future.

Lost and Found List Now on Village Website

something? Click here to see a list of recently found items.  If you see your item on the list, you may call 949-597-4435 or email

You will receive a response within 24 hours.

United Board Highlights

By United President Lenny Ross

On March 31, the United Board met with residents to hear concerns regarding sub-leasing. The Board plans to publicize answers to written questions and common property issues in the May edition of the Village Breeze. The Board will also be investigating actual costs to renew or take out a new lease, new ways to manage sub-leasing, and refining sublease applications. Hopefully we will have some good news for you. For those worried about the 20% rental cap, there are no plans of changing that cap and perhaps, in the near future, policy will be developed to deal with its onset.

Three resolutions were approved at our Monthly meeting:

1.    The number of GRF vehicle decals given to each manor will be: one bedroom units receive two decals; two bedroom units receive three decals. Vehicles stored in the Recreational Vehicle Lot are not included in this count.

2.    A resolution to align the Stock Certificate with the Occupancy Agreement makes it necessary, when children buy for their parents, for the age appropriate parent to be listed on the Stock Certificate. This resolution also limits the number of owners to the number of original bedrooms plus one.

3.    United established a $10,000 supplemental appropriation for legal counsel specializing in probate matters.

Photo credit: Helen Harris

Interested in Leadership?

By 1st VP Jan LaBarge

Those interested in leadership can hone their skills by attending and participating in committee work. Considering that most policy is instigated, refined, and overseen in committee, this is a perfect place to prepare for a leadership position. Please join us at the next committee meeting that piques your interest. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Committees, Dates, Time, Location, and Chairs

Elections Five Months Away

United is looking for candidates to fill three (or more) vacancies opening on the Board this fall. Since much of the work consists of dealing with engineering, plumbing, electrical, dry wall, and general construction, a background in these fields would be a plus. Experience in finance, technology, and contract development are always in demand as is the well-rounded, common sense individual that can interact with a variety of personalities in a productive way. More details on how and when to apply in future editions and on the Village website.

Committee Developments - Maintenance and Construction
By United Director Don Tibbets

Besides the usual review of legal and illegal variances, we are looking at noise management on hard surface flooring.
Staff has instituted a program to do a thorough inspection for lead in our water supply. They have also been able to negotiate with the City for an extension to install new electric panel boxes at 300 per year. These panels replace the now defunct push button models.

United’s plumbing contractor just announced the purchase of an epoxy lining machine that can handle our, smaller than usual, two inch interior waste lines. If effective, United will save a considerable amount on infrastructure repairs.
M&C has formed an ad-hoc committee to assess and recommend appliance replacement products.

With next year's budget, M&C is expecting to re-bid various contracts, including the exterior waste line remediation program.

Please join us at M&C’s next meeting: May 25, in the Boardroom, at 9:00 a.m. for up to the minute M&C news.

Snake in the Ivy

By 1st VP Jan LaBarge

Imagine my surprise when what I was sure was an eight-foot long, slithering, crisscrossing snake in the ivy emerged from its lush emerald canopy with a bill and two webbed feet. A sure sign of spring awakening were the ten ducklings, jockeying for supremacy, as they followed Mom to the creek.

Keep an eye out for more wonders of the Season as we invite one of our favorite times of year to appear.

Committee Developments - Energy Committee
By United Director Jack Bassler

Johnson Controls is moving forward with Phase II of their plan to determine what financial benefits United can derive from going solar.

The Energy Committees next meeting will be May 26, in the Cypress Room at 9:30 a.m. We would like to see you there.

United Board Director Profile - Lenny Ross

By Third Advisor Carol St.Hilaire

United President Lenny Ross has lived in Laguna Woods for two years with his wife, Joyce, of 32 years with his two dogs, Truffles and Bella, and one singing canary, Elvis.

Lenny was a sales manager for three different original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of automotive products, with main responsibility to continue to grow the OEM automotive business with electronics, wheels, and accessories.

Director Ross enjoys travel, Texas hold’em, and real estate.  He recently succeeded in obtaining his real estate license.  Over the last few years he has been effectively treated at the City of Hope for colon cancer; and he is very pleased to say that he is now a survivor six months in remission.

Lenny volunteered on the Board in order to serve the community.  He has led the Board through many difficult matters, including taking care of many infrastructure requirements and issue involving sub-leasing and land use. He applies his conservative spending principles in governing United and believes that a good board member treats other members as he would like to be treated himself. 

While on the United Board, he has researched what can be done to try to gain some control of the increasing multi-million dollars that our community spends for insurance and workers’ compensation.  The annual increases for the last five years have exceeded 10 percent per year.  He thinks these increases can be reduced by starting the annual bidding process sooner and not relying on the same brokers to supply insurance and workers’ compensation.

Did You Know?

By Third 1st VP Rosemarie di Lorenzo Dickins

•    Third has a New Resident Orientation every month on the third Friday at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Room. If you haven’t attended, call 268-2337 to RSVP.  We are also working on other programs for New Residents.  

•    There are Docent Tours of the Village every Thursday for prospective residents. To reserve a place on the tour, please call 268-2337.

•    Steve Henderson from Village Management Services, Inc. has been assigned as the Garden Villa Projects Coordinator. He can be reached at The next Garden Villa Association meeting will be held at Clubhouse 5, Room 1, at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 12.

Hot Flashes

By Third Secretary Burt Baum

Curb Cuts - These have been installedon many street corners in the communitybyessentially eliminating the curb and forming a gradual slope on the sidewalk.  This has made it easier for residents using canes, walkers and wheelchairs to navigate our streets.  Some of the people living in Third have asked for more curb cuts where they live and we would like to accommodate them.  The major problem is (surprise!) money.  These cuts cost close to $3,000 (the unkindest cut of all) and there are potentially hundreds of sites in our mutual that could be candidates.  Before we go any further we have asked an analyst on staff to see if there are any grants available to help fund this effort.  There are apparently many agencies that might help senior citizens out with this and other needs.

Manor Address Numbers – Have you ever stumbled about at night looking for the address of a manor?  We all have.  Well help is under way.  Those busy beavers on the Third Energy Committee have adopted the idea used in other communities of putting the address numbers on the curbs using reflective paint.  A pilot program doing this has been approved by the Third Maintenance and Construction Committee.  Reflective numbers will also be put on short posts near manors.  Different number sizes will be evaluated.  Soon we will all know where we’re going.

Cabinets – We never seem to have enough places to store our stuff.  Cabinets help, but with about nine thousand people living in Third certain standards are necessary when they want to use them outside of their manor.  The Third Board is in the process of approving a revised standard for cabinets for breezeways.  Under this standard, only those people living in Casa Lindas and Casa Contentas may put cabinets in the breezeway, but only one cabinet per manor and a total of two cabinets (on a first come first served basis) per breezeway are permitted.  Also staff is reviewing the current standard for member–owned cabinets in carports and underground parking as to uniformity of size and color, and is researching alternatives (including prices) for replacing them. Lastly, they are investigating ways for documenting and fining storage cabinet violations.  So beware.

Contractor List–At some time or another, residents, particularly those who have newly arrived, want to do some remodeling.  As a service to the people in Third Mutual, we offer a list of contractors who have worked in the community.  There is, however, some confusion about the list.  The contractors listed are neither recommended nor approved.  You do not have to use these contractors.  Choose anyone you please.  Check the references and the licenses of any contractor you do pick, and good luck with your new remodel.

Electric Cars

By Third Director Bert Moldow

Electric cars (EVs) and pluggable electric hybrids (PEVs) are gradually finding their way into

Laguna Woods. The reasons for this are obvious. The federal government provides a tax credit as high as $7,500 and the state of California adds anywhere from an additional incentive of $4,000 or less depending upon income.

The difference between the two types of vehicles is the miles they can go between refueling. The PEV has a gasoline engine and generator which operates to recharge the battery when needed. The battery provides a sufficient charge to allow gas free driving from 18 to 50 miles depending on the model and will provide a 400 mile range between refueling is required. The EV offers ranges between 80 and 250 miles depending on the model.The fuel (electricity) cost per mile is around $0.035.

Maintenance on EV vehicles is minimal.You have no engine, no transmission, no radiator, no oil, no timing belt or radiator belt. All you have is an electric motor and battery. It is simplicity on wheels that can match or even exceed the performance of internal combustion cars. A test drive will surprise you and dealers are willing to even bring a car to your doorstep. Manufacturers are offering over 35 models of these two types to choose from.

If you have a garage you can use either the available 120 or 240V outlet to recharge the battery. Third Mutual will also allow connectivity to the 120V common area outlets provided the car is registered and a sticker is obtained. The Mutual will charge you $0.035 for every mile you drive your vehicle. GRF and the mutuals are currently investigating installation of 240V charging stations which will speed recharging time of the vehicle.

If you are a low mileage driver it pays to consider looking into EVs but if you drive longer daily distances try a PEV.

Water News

By Third 2nd VP James Tung

Although we have had a bit of rain, water conservation and the drought is ongoing.  We thank all of you who have contributed to our conservation efforts.  

For Gate 11 residents, there is a plan in place to encourage conversion of your landscaped areas to drought tolerant types of landscaping.  If you have any questions, please contact James Tung at for more information. You may also contact him with any water saving ideas.

Recycling and Bulky Item Collection

Some cul-de-sacs are equipped with a trash enclosure that holds blue recycling containers which are provided to the community through Waste Management, Inc.

The City of Laguna Woods lists acceptable recyclable materials that may be placed in the blue recycle bins: newspaper, all metal cans and scrap, all pla
stic, glass containers, aluminum foil, mixed paper (magazines, junk mail, telephone books, other paper), cardboard, cereal boxes, and paper grocery bags.

Materials which are not accepted as recyclables include: mirrors, safety/window glass, light bulbs, food waste, green waste, clothing, Styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, carpet, and other textiles. These items should be place in the dumpsters which are green with black lids.  

Residents who have individual garages should have their own recycling container. If not, please call Property Services at 597-4600 to request a container or to ask     questions about recycling.

Both monthly and in-home bulky item collection services are offered free of charge to residents.

Bulky items include appliances, clothing, electronic waste, furniture, and certain types of residential waste, but do not include construction and demolition waste, hazardous waste, car bodies, or items that cannot reasonably and safely be loaded and unloaded into a vehicle by two people. For more information on acceptable bulky items, please click here or call Waste Management at (949) 642-1191.

Free in-home bulky item collection is available on an on-call basis. Residents may schedule up to two bulky item collections per calendar year, with a maximum of five bulky items per collection. Waste Management will go into your home and remove the items.  

On the third Saturday of each month you may place bulky items near your trash enclosure or in the same location that you place your trash carts. Bulky items may be set out the night prior and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection.

Finance Committee Summary

By Third Treasurer Wai-Ming Tao

The financial statements dated February, 2016 are not available yet.  More time is needed to complete data migration and closing entries before generating financials from the new AX software system.  Statements to reflect Q1 activities will be available in May.

The 2015 consolidated version of financial audit report will be distributed to all members before the end of this month.  The full version of the report will be posted to the Village website.

Monthly Resales: Through March 2016, Third averaged 35 resales per month compared to 36 resales per month in 2015, 27 in 2014, and 37 in 2013 for the same three months.
Monthly Leasing: Through March 2016, Third averaged 1,654 leases per month compared 1,719 resales per month in 2015 for the same three months.  The leasing ratio is 27.1% of the total units.

Third Director Profile - David Finley

By Third Resident Advisor Carol St. Hilaire

Third Director David Finley and his wife Moira moved from Irvine to Laguna Woods Village about five years ago.  Moira passed away last year after 49 years of marriage.

Director Finl
ey is a retired Systems Engineer who worked in the Southern California defense industry for over 40 years.  He held positions in Engineering Management, doing work for the U.S. Navy.  He is a retired Navy Captain and spent over 30 years in the Naval Reserve where he served on destroyer type ships, and he fought in Vietnam.

Dave grew up i
n Southern California and has collected rocks all over the southwest.  He had to donate his gem and mineral collection to the Boy Scouts when he downsized to a condo but he now prospects for gold in the desert when he has time.

Mr. Finley became an advisor to Third Mutual M&C Committee and co
nducted studies of the dry rot problem using a systems approach.  As a Director, he is working with the new management company to make VMS a successful organization providing superior services to our community.  His main goal is to develop a program to preserve our housing in the Village for another 50 years.

Dave enjoys sailing, golf and traveling and he is currently taking dancing lessons from Candi Davis. He belongs to the American Ballroom Club, the California Club, the RV Club, and the Billiards Club. Dave has two daughters and three grandchildren who take good care of him.

Calling All Clubs!

Interested in having a Third Board Member speak at an upcoming meeting? The Third Board Members are happy to make themselves available to speak to your group about "what's up" in Third and to answer questions.

To schedule a director for your next club meeting, call Eve Morton, Public Affairs, at 949-268-2565 or email

Mothers’ Day Brunch at The Towers – A Laguna Woods Village Favorite!

For the third year in a row, The Towers at Laguna Woods Village will be hosting its annual Mothers’ Day Brunch on Sunday, May 8.  This brunch is a special celebration created to honor all the mothers in attendance and features top notch fare such as Eggs Benedict, omelets made to order, bacon, sausage, potatoes, French toast, pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit, salad bar, seafood bar and carving station.  The mothers in attendance are also given an extra “gift” in appreciation for being a mom!  

Tickets are $22 each, and the brunch sells out every year.  Contact The Towers now to reserve your seating.  Seating is by reservation, every half an hour starting at 11:00 a.m.  Please RSVP by calling the Towers Reception Desk at 949-597-4278.

Towers Residents Display Their Patriotism at Memorial Day BBQ Party

Another annual tradition at the Towers is the Memorial Day BBQ!  Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial “first weekend of summer” and residents of The Towers celebrate by holding a large first BBQ of the year! 

Residents of The Towers eat BBQ, prepared by their food service provider, Guckenheimer, and served outdoors on the newly refurbished Crystal Patio.  Music is performed by the entertainer Tony Rogers, who leads residents in a sing along and group dancing to showtunes and Motown favorites.  Tony Rogers also sings songs, with the help of residents, that commemorate all military forces.  Residents come dressed up in red, white, and blue to celebrate our country and commemorate those who have died serving the United States armed forces.  

The BBQ features pork ribs, honey glazed chicken wings, hamburger sliders, hot dogs, and grilled vegetables.

Board Meeting Update

The Mutual No. Fifty Board of Directors (the governing body for The Towers) held its open session meeting on Thursday, March 17 at 1:30 p.m. 

  • The Board of Directors voted on several items, including: New Board officers, including Ryna Rothberg - President, John Dalis - Vice President, Henry Nahoum -Treasurer, and Sy Wellikson - Secretary.
  • Updated Mutual Fifty Committee Appointments.
  • Updated Golden Rain Foundation Committee Appointments.
  • Approval of a supplemental appropriation to perform air conditioning system valve replacements.
  • Moving forward with an evaluation of increased recycling at The Towers.
  • Moving forward with an evaluation of a noise abatement wall for the emergency generator load bank.
  • Corporate subscriptions to Dun and Bradstreet and Experian.

The Mutual No. Fifty Board of Directors meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at The Towers.  Meetings are for member-owners only and are closed to the general public.

Composed: 05/02/2016 | Modified: 05/02/2016

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