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List of Clubs S-Z

List of Clubs S-Z




Saddleback Church of Laguna Woods   Joan McConville
Saddleback Laguna Woods
Saddle Club Promotes interest in horsemanship, riding, and related social events

Tammy Barile


Scrabble Club A social group providing fellowship among its members

Barbara Sanchez

Scottish Dance and Heritage Club Provides a venue for Scots residing in Laguna Woods, those of Scottish ancestry, and other Scotophiles, interested in promoting the arts and culture of Scotland. Frank Searle
Security Officers Club Promotes goodwill and social activities for its members Club did not provide.
Senior OC NORML An activist group that promotes changes in the current laws regarding legalizing medical  marijuana. Barbara Ayala
Seoul National University Alumni Club, Laguna Woods Promotes mutual fellowship and social goodwill among Seoul National University graduates, attendees, current and past faculty members.

Kyung Sun Suh

Serious Readers Book Club To sponsor lectures, and/or discussions about serious contemporary literature. Martin Rosencrans
Sew On Club Maintain and expand mental well being; learn new skills, share expertise, enjoy the health benefits of the community. Penny Irion
Shadi Club Promotes social networking, friendship, and entertainment while celebrating Persian culture. Club did not provide.
Shakespeare and the Modern Culture Society Reads the plays and poems of William Shakespeare, reads and discusses books about Shakespeare, views various films based on his plays, enjoys Shakespeare productions together including visits to festivals such as the local theaters, summer productions in Garden Grove, invites eminent Shakespearean actors, directors, producers, and scholars to our meetings along with our own Laguna Woods scholars, and participates in various other activities such as social reading groups and social hours CeCe Sloan
949-458-7967 or
Shuffleboard Association Promotes interest in shuffleboard for the enjoyment of its members and residents Club did not provide.
Singles Club Will provide a non-denominational social forum for male and female singles of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to meet new friends, enjoy varied activities suggested by club members, and generally network. Susan Kramer
Sino Club Promotes friendship, entertainment and fitness, exchange of information, provides help and resources, and promotes Chinese culture through a variety of cultural, artistic, and sports activities.  A shared joyful spiritual home of people of Chinese descent from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and other regions of the world John Li
SNU, Medical Alumni Club For Alumni of Seoul National University; promotes recreation, social, and study activities. S. Steven Kim
Softball Club Every Monday morning, the club meets to practice fielding, hitting, and throwing skills. Will Grossfield
Song Circle
Formerly Moonlighters Song & Dance Club
Provides members with the opportunity to sing or play a song of their choosing with instrumental accompaniment provided by members of the club.  Meeting are not regularly scheduled but will be held after notification to the membership Craig Charlton
Song Writers Club Gets lyricists and musicians together to collaborate, help each other writer and score original music, and share and inspire each other. Penni Rubin
South Coast Symphony Alliance Engages in the performance of music for the education and benefit of the Public to promote and encourage an interest in the fine and performing arts; and to adopt and present an on-going interest in musical programs presented by the South Coast Symphony performing in Lake Hills Community Church and to raise funds for the symphony through the Laguna Woods home tour held every spring Gail Foor
Space Balloon Club To construct a legendary space train 999 created and written by Mr. Leiji Matsumoto and to make it run in space (more than 60 miles away) Max Kimura
Club Website
Spoken Word A place for writers, poets, playwrights, stand-up comics, monologists, and storytellers to develop new material.  In monthly meetings members have the opportunity to read or perform their material and if desired, get feedback

Charles Redner

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St. Nicholas Parish Senior Singles Club Is a Catholic club initiated by a parishioner who is a Laguna Woods Village Resident. Members share friendship, happy times, and good conversation with people of all cultures and faith backgrounds. Dolores Stolle
String Band
The Village
Enjoys and studies music and entertains others.  Provides a variety of music for the listening and dancing pleasure of their audiences

Sharon Rosen
Students of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Enhances the quality of life for others and ourselves by increasing the opportunities to experience unconditional love in our daily lives Jeanne Sanner

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Sunshine Performance Club Provides musical variety benefit shows for local hospitals and the Alzheimer’s Association and can be booked for club events and private parties Sunshine Lutey
Symphony, Laguna Woods Village (Orchestra) Community musicians that provide two community concerts each year Rita Holcomb
Table Tennis Club Provides enjoyable and healthful physical activity as well as the social benefits of club membership Ray Landis
Taiwanese Club Social group that promotes sociability and fellowship between Taiwanese residents and organizes activities of interest to its members Sang Leu
Taiwanese Christian Fellowship Fellowship for bible study and other activities Herman Tseng
Tea Party Sentinels A non-partisan club that supports a Constitutional Republic based on the Rule of Law.  Advocates limited government, limited spending, and limited taxation Richard Palmer
California Retired Association
Promotes, protects, and advocates for the interests of retired California educators.  Safeguards the State Teachers’ Retirement System and studies and promotes or opposes state and national legislation affecting the interests of retired educators Carolyn Cummings
Temple Judea Social and Cultural Club Promotes social and cultural activities for members Jean Janowsky
Tennis Club Brings together those with an interest in tennis for their mutual enjoyment and benefit and  forms an organization for the promotion and direction of tournament play and social events sponsored by the club Joe Bergeon
TGIF Social Club A social club devoted to fun through dancing and making friends over cocktails.  Invites everyone to join us most Fridays at Clubhouse Two to celebrate whatever comes to mind.  There are no membership requirements, and the fun starts at 4:00 PM with live music and a no-host bar until 6:00 PM.  There is a small charge at the door which includes snacks and door prizes Cliff Knudson
Theatre Guild Provides live theatrical entertainment featuring resident performers Joan Laing
Topic Masters Club Helps members improve their abilities to communicate effectively
David Chambers
(Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
Supports and assists residents in providing supervision in weight loss Donna Bailey
Travel Club To create a forum for Laguna Woods residents to discuss travel, and exchange information and experiences with each other. We can share videos of our travels, share experiences and offer tips to help others plan and enjoy their travel. We will also bring in travel experts to provide new information and suggestions about new possibilities for exciting adventures that we ma not have thought of.

Michael Berman

Ukulele Club As one of the oldest clubs in the Village, members sit in a circle and can choose from a songbook with over 300 songs to sing and/or play their ukuleles when their turn comes to do so Craig Charlton
Unity Club A club focusing on education—the study of unity principles including focus on spiritual growth, prosperity, and living positively Elizabeth McAdams
Video Club Aids Village residents in preserving and creating precious memories from old film, photos, slides, and VHS tapes or recent videos through instruction in editing and adding enhancements such as titles, music, and voice overs at the Video Technology Center (LAB).  Interviews and productions are made in the Video Club’s professional studio at Clubhouse Two. Drop in during lab hours to view our many resources or get answers to technical questions Steve Carman
Village Church at Laguna Woods Village Assembly  

Michael Bayer
Vision Club Provides information and resources that help people maintain independence, develop coping strategies, and improve their quality of life Beth Donahue

Voices of Exciting Women Writers and Poets

To provide programs about women’s voices through their writings, poems, and presentations via multi-media.


Cece Sloan

Volleyball Club Promotes fellowship through the game of volleyball

Ron Conklin

Wellness in the Woods A place to grow and find your own pathway to health Leslie Carretti
Women Empowered Women helping women have a better quality of life.  Imparts and clarifies information to members so they can make better decisions in their lives Club did not provide.
Women’s Connection Promotes fellowship Nancy Sedillo
Writers Club Provides mutual support and information exchange among the members regarding all facets of writing from the creative process to publishing and marketing, critiquing work in progress, encouraging new writers’ competitions, and promoting book fairs Richard Snyder
Yacht Club To promote and provide safe yachting and boating experiences for members and their guests on privately owned sloop docked in Dana Point.  Provides social functions, local trips, overnight tours, and multiple day excursions that focus on ocean and harbor activities Darrel Vorderstrasse
Yoga Club
To promote the principles of gentle adaptive yoga with a certified yoga instructor for improvement of strength, posture and balance. Kristine deYoung



Clubs/organizations are not a part of or affiliated with Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods (GRF). GRF does not endorse, approve, or authorize any particular conduct or activity of any club/organization. Clubs/organizations are solely responsible for their own statements, actions, and/or failures to act, as well as those of their members and guests. Clubs/organizations are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable GRF rules and all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, statutes, codes, ordinances, and regulations. GRF, its managing agent, their directors, officers, and employees will not accept responsibility for a club/organization’s failure to comply with any of the above. Refer to the GRF Recreation Division Policy document, which can be found at (search for “Recreation Policy”), for more information.

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