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List of Clubs L-R

List of Clubs L-R




Laguna Woods Car Club    
Lapidary Club Encourages creativity and craftsmanship in all forms of Lapidary. We do grinding and polishing of rocks, making jewelry, faceting of gem stones and intarsia. We maintain a pleasant working environment in Clubhouse 4, as well as foster the exchange of ideas and information.

Mike Epstein

Law of Attraction Club

To provide the opportunity for folks to gather together to discuss and apply the Law of Attraction

Sandy O’ Connor

Lawn Bowling Club Good non-strenuous outdoor exercise among friendly people.  A competitive sport you can enjoy for many years Bob Gervase
League Of Woman Voters Studies various facets of government Mimi Singer
Library Club The Library is primarily a recreation facility supported by gifts from many Community organizations and individuals.  The Library maintains the book collection including current best sellers as well as old favorites.  The entire day to day operation is run by volunteers who find the activity an important and satisfying contribution to the Community Patricia Hedrick
Library Catalog
Literature, Involvement, Friendship, Education
Women’s organization to advance and promote the general welfare of and give financial support and assistance to Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts Brenda Barrie
Life After Fifty Singles ”L.A.F.S.” meets to share laughs, bible study about “How to survive as singles in a couples world,” making new like-minded friends, and share potluck refreshments. Tim Dupuie
Life After Life Provides public education about experiences that suggest continued consciousness beyond death Elizabeth McAdams
Life Long Learners Club Sharing knowledge we each have with one another. Club did not provide.
Lovers of Music Facilitates residents in purchasing tickets for and transportation to concerts presented by the Pacific Symphony Orchestra as well as other cultural events and concerts in southern California Marlene Carr
Lutheran Heritage Club Promotes friendship and fellowship among its members interested in Lutheran traditions. Richard Smith
Mantra Meditation Club Promotes the teaching and practice of meditation as a way of enriching health and well-being in a relaxed and peaceful environment 949-272-1675
Meditation and Spirituality To relax the body and mind and meditate with no effort and reduce stress Janice Burstin
Melody Makers Promotes barbershop singing and good fellowship Graham Johnson
Village Memory Makers Will promote scrapbooking, card making, rubber stamping, and other paper-crafting hobbies, through the gathering of Village residents and the sharing of skills. Open to beginners and advanced crafters alike. Lynnette Siler
Metaphysics Club Fosters interest in the field of parapsychology including ESP, psychic phenomena, and healing Carolyn Davison
Mindful Eating Club Creates the opportunity for folks to come together to increase knowledge about mindful eating, and plant-based, whole foods. Nancy Fisser
NA’AMAT-USA Philanthropic organization supporting Israeli projects Sarah Rosenzeig
Barbara LaFranca
National Association of Retired Federal Employees
Enhance the benefits and general welfare of active and retired federal employees and their surviving annuitants James Mathews
National Council Of Jewish Women A volunteer organization inspired by Jewish values, that works through a program of research, education, advocacy, and community service to improve the quality of life for women, children, and families, and strives to ensure individual rights and freedom for all

Sharon Beck
Needleworks Exchanges ideas and helps each other with designing and creating in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere Virginia Borgatta

Neuropathy Support Group
A quarterly information and support group that will focus on sharing their experiences with Neuropathy and educate them about various treatments. Marie Padveen
New Jersey Club
Social organization open to all residents of Laguna Woods Village and their guests

Jean Janowsky
Newspaper Club
Will write and publish a newspaper that is by, for, and about residents of Laguna Woods Village, as a compliment to the Globe
Paul Lambert
New York Club Social organization open to all residents of Laguna Woods Village and their spouses

Barry King
Nicotine Anonymous Club Helps people to stop smoking Club did not provide.
Nifty Club Promotes socializing among younger residents through conversation, trips, and potlucks Sandy Post
Nutrition Club An informal group that meets to learn about nutrition options that would improve physical, mental, and social well-being.  Medical professionals, nutritionists, counselors, and teachers speak on healthy eating styles Frieda Gorelick
Oasis For Free Thinkers A group of like-minded people who celebrate and respect the natural world without the need of supernatural forces.  They come together to share information, ideas, and good times in an environment free of deities and dogma. Sunshine Lutey
OC Village Peggers To foster and encourage the enjoyment in playing the game of cribbage in a congenial and non-threatening environment. The club will also teach the rules and fine points of the technique and strategy allowing inexperienced players to play against “veterans.” The club will also propagate a youth movement in teaching young people to learn and enjoy the game of cribbage. Bill Eilers
Open Music Class  

Sophia Choi

O.R.T., Women’s
ORT America has chapters across the US.  They support 300,000+ students in schools.  Each student is trained to meet the challenges of today’s world in computers, engineering, and mechanical technology.  They aim to improve public education, promote literacy, combat Anti-Semitism, and support women’s rights Jeanie Keleman
Ocean Club Offers many varied social events and club functions throughout the year.  Embodies boaters and non-boaters including day and multi-day inland trips that interest members.  Goal is to provide a safe environment that fosters camaraderie, fun, learning nautical skills, and the enjoyment of boating aboard “Brisa” the club’s 28 foot Newport Sloop out of Dana Point Harbor Dr. Marvin Fineman
Old Pros Provides a time and place for persons of the entertainment world plus interested spouses and resident friends to meet and enjoy fellowship John Perak
One Ten Club An association of original Mutual 68 and 69 residents, merged into Third Mutual in 1985.  A social organization addressing items of interest affecting the mutual

Andy Cmiel
Oxygen Adventure Club Promotes education, support, sharing, recreation, and “tribe,” for people on oxygen. Club did not provide.
P.E.O. Group A sisterhood seeking growth in charity, wisdom, and culture Joyce Nanchy
Paddle Tennis Club In every way possible, enhances the game of paddle tennis in the Community including advising staff of maintenance needs and suggestions for improving playing conditions Julie Whitaker
Performing Arts Company Provides live theatrical entertainment featuring resident performers Benji Johnson
Persian/Game Club Promotes any culture that speaks Farsi, and plays games associated with Persian culture. The group is also open to anyone who would like to learn how to speak Farsi, or learn about the Persian culture. Pardiss Broomand
Philosophy Club Engages the minds of members of the Laguna Woods audience through presentation of philosophical topics followed by an active discussion. Katherine Baum
Pickleball Club Promotes good health and exercise, fun, and socialization with others through regular drop in and tournament play.  Provides free lessons Joan Brown
Pittsburgh Club

Social club for Pittsburgh natives and friends

Hal Horne

Players Club Brings together residents socially who enjoy the entertainment of arts, bingo, casino games, and travel Varlene Johnson
Polio Survivors Plus A support group of polio survivors, people with disabilities, medical, or other professionals who serve people with disabilities, their caregivers, family, friends, and associates Gladys Bushin
Polish Club Promotes friendship and fellowship among its members interested in Polish culture and traditions.  Organizes luncheon meetings with programs designed to educate and inform members and friends of the club about Polish history, culture, and traditions through lectures, films, and other activities.  Sponsors concerts of Polish music, organizes trips to interesting places of Polish heritage, and celebrates holidays with Polish traditions.  All residents are welcome to join the club and participate in its activities.  Meetings are in English
Irena Lawyer

Marie Gates
Porcelain Artists of Laguna Woods Promotes china painting. Naomi Bernstein
Potters & Sculptors Club Encourages creativity and fine craftsmanship in ceramic and sculptural arts Debb Denbow
Professionals Club The club is designed to meet and understand the difference of all nationalities and cultural groups.  They feel that the best way to bring the Village together is to meet and understand each other.  The main objective is to connect with one another and pay it forward to the community by sharing our expertise, whatever that may be and to help one another Leslie Carretti
Protect Property Values Educates Laguna Woods residents on issues impacting property values.  It is important to not only protect our values and equity but also improve our investments for ourselves and our heirs Stevie Magid
Publishing Club Facilitates publishing for residents’ works: eBooks, books, manuscripts, journals, memoirs, poetry, greeting cards, music, photos, or videos.

Peggy Edwards
Quilters Club Meet other quilters, help and encourage each other to improve quilting skills by sharing knowledge, patterns, and resources Candy McLaughlin
Radio Club
Radio operators and others interested in monitoring amateur radio bands in an effort to serve the public in emergencies, handling traffic, and facilitating contacts around the globe. Meetings are open to all residents but membership is limited to FCC licensed residents

James Riedel
Rainbow Club  Organized to provide social opportunities for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community residing in Laguna Woods Village. Larry Delira
Reform Temple of Laguna Woods
“The temple within the walls”
Promote the fundamentals of reform Judaism while encouraging a friendly caring community.  Goals include enabling members to establish warm relationships with those around them through prayer, study, socializing, and acts of loving kindness

Evelyn Tysch

link to clubs
Republican Club Raises political consciousness and promotes a wider knowledge of the principles and policies of the Republican Party.  Encourages active participation by club members in a sociable setting with those who share the Republican philosophy.  Works for the election of Republican Party nominees…local, state, and national Bob Berra
Resist A non-partisan organization dedicated to assisting our members and our community in effectively expressing and acting on our concerns regarding the dangerous situation that our country is faced with during these troubling times. This group shall stress education, awareness/understanding, and the sharing of important information. We shall endeavor to bring together people interested in protecting our rights and system of government.  

Jim Gibson
Robert's Rules Study Club Promotes knowledge and interpretation of parliamentary procedure. Joan Milliman
Rock n’ Rollers Go places and do things that fit our shake, rattle, and roll generation John Lesak
Rod and Gun Club Promotes all forms of hunting, fishing, and related activities such as trap and skeet

John Gee

Rumi Book Club A group of friends and family who study the work of Rumi. Club did not provide.
Rummikub and Mexican Train Brings together residents who are interested in playing and enjoying the game of rummikub also known as rummy tiles and Mexican train

Yvonne Daggett

RV Wheelers Club Promotes social and recreational interest through rallies and camping trips Dee Wennerstrom



Clubs/organizations are not a part of or affiliated with Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods (GRF). GRF does not endorse, approve, or authorize any particular conduct or activity of any club/organization. Clubs/organizations are solely responsible for their own statements, actions, and/or failures to act, as well as those of their members and guests. Clubs/organizations are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable GRF rules and all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, statutes, codes, ordinances, and regulations. GRF, its managing agent, their directors, officers, and employees will not accept responsibility for a club/organization’s failure to comply with any of the above. Refer to the GRF Recreation Division Policy document, which can be found at (search for “Recreation Policy”), for more information.


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