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List of Clubs E-K

List of Clubs E-K



Electronics Club The aim of this club is to teach individuals how to service electronics, such as, computers, laptops, television, and other small electronic products. Farzin Agahi
Encore Laguna Woods Wednesday evenings we gather to open God’s word for a time of study, understanding and encouragement. Before and after our study, we have a time of fellowship with refreshments, and the last Wednesday of each month we begin our evening with catered dinner. Come join us! Frank Ciotti

Energy Club Promotes energy savings in Laguna Woods Village and city through the employment of alternative energies and conservation. Berton Moldow
Entre Nous Bridge Social bridge club Jane Burke
Esther's Interview Club Laguna Woods has many residents living here that have a wealth of knowledge and experience. People from Esther's Interview Club will share their interesting histories. Esther Grossfield
Evergreen Line Dance Club Promotes greater appreciation and enjoyment of line dancing as their main daily exercise, enhances friendship, strengthens  their physical bodies, and memorials in their golden years.

Allen Hsu

Exciting Woman Writers and Poets    
Exercise with Praise To promote physical and spiritual health by exercising through music and praises.

Irine Hwang

Film Club Brings select classical and foreign films to the community residents Arlene Sontag
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)   Howard Collins

To learn more about the cuisines and cultures of various Orange County ethnic groups, fellowship of Village residents who share these interests, exchange restaurant information and fine cuisine experiences together, organize various eating experiences and attend a broad spectrum of cuisine outings, discover new adventures in eating

Leslie Palm

Foreign Policy
Promotes and maintains an informed and comprehensive opinion on major issues Kathryn Freshley
Foundation Assists needy residents in any way possible, financially or filling some physical needs

Marcy Sheinwold

Friends of Laguna Canyon
Acts as an outreach and educational arm of Laguna Canyon Foundation (LCF) which stewards the 20,000+ wilderness acres that surround our Village. We inform Village residents, and their families, of activities i.e. hiking, bird watching, flora/fauna, geological,photography, and other programs being offered for free by LCF. Friends of Laguna Canyon is a no cost club. Andy Cmiel
Friends of the Village Promotes Laguna Woods Village by publicizing our lifestyle to people inside and outside of our community Catherine Brians
Friends of The Village
From the Wings Chapter of the Guilds of the Performing Arts Center Promotes the Center and its many activities to the chapter’s current members and potential members throughout the community Gail Berra
Funtastics! Offers different and interesting day travel adventures. Get away on buses and trains to new, interesting, exciting, and educational events: luncheons, shopping at outlets, and food tasting Loretta Sheppard
Garden Centers Club Promotes interests of active gardeners using Garden Centers One and Two. Provides forum to meet, socialize, discuss problems, and help each other improve gardening skills Katherine Platt
Garden Club Fosters friendship and interest in horticulture

Ann Jenkinson

Garden Villa
Improves communication with Third Mutual Lynn Jarrett
Village Genealogy Club A club focused on education, discovery, and sharing resources. Sonia Appell
German American Club Open to all residents. Egon Garthoffner
Golbung Patogh Promotes social networking, friendship, and entertainment while promoting Persian culture Simin Peasley
Golf Club,
Men’s 18 Hole
Stimulates a sportsman like interest in golf and conducts tournaments and special events

Ronald Gordon

Golf Club,
Women’s Nine Hole
Stimulates a sportsman like interest in golf and conducts tournaments and special events Billie McDonald
Golf Club,
Women’s 18 Hole
Stimulates a sportsman like interest in golf and conducts tournaments and special events

Tamela Limon
Golf Club,
Men’s Nine Hole
Provides opportunity for men to play nine hole golf and participate in tournaments Chuck Sonderman
Greek/American Club To encourage the continuation of Greek traditions, language, and culture and provide a social avenue for entertainment and friendship Dimitri Karas
Guitar Club

The Guitar Club needs knowledgeable players who can show their technique to other players.

The club will meet periodically.

The goal of the club is to exchange ideas and methods to improve the technique of the instrument, and the knowledge of music.

Bernard Frenkel
Hadassah Promotes and supports medical programs in Israel and fosters American affairs and educational study groups in the USA Carol Hirsch
Harmonaires A group of 25-30 women from Laguna Woods Village who sing two and three part harmony.  Songs from the 40’s up to and including the Beatles.  Special programs for the holidays and patriotic events Susan McBurney
Harmonaires Facebook
Healthy Living Explores modalities for living a healthy, happy, and abundant life.  To feel more alive, to be more connected to each other and to nature.  To be less isolated, and more comfortable with change.  To enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  To recognize the realities of our aging, to keep what we can, accept what we must, and support ourselves in aging gracefully Caterina Freeman
Hearing Well Club Provides information, education, and resources for people with hearing loss and their families. The Hearing Well Club helps to maximize a person’s residual hearing and to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss. Additionally, the Hearing Well Club seeks to improve hearing accessibility in the community. Toni Barrient
Hebrew Club To enable residents who are familiar with Hebrew as a modern spoken language to converse with one another in Hebrew and to arrange for a variety of programs based on this language, primarily for cultural purposes Miriam Goldsmith
Helena Modjeska Club To promote multicultural goodwill, understanding and friendship through cultural programs from various nations Kris Cieply
Heritage Pointe Raise funds for Laguna Woods Village residents Club did not provide.
Hiker's Club Promotes good health and social relationships while hiking throughout Orange County. Every Saturday the group meets for a hike. Anne Gilbert
History Travel Club Provides social, educational, and recreational activities for its membership Club did not provide.
Holistic Inner Science of Blissful Living To combine all knowledge from science, technology, and spirituality to develop new approaches to solve age-old problems, so that we may live harmoniously with one another and start to recognize, cherish, and sustain the natural treasures we have taken for granted. Club did not provide.
Hula Club Welcomes members to explore the history, dance, cultural practice, handicrafts, and language of Hawaii, through the medium of Hula, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere Jean Sheik
Hungarian American Club To enable those of Hungarian decent and their families to meet and enjoy the sharing of Hungarian culture and language, to socialize and make friends.  Non- Hungarians with similar interests are also welcome Agnes Csotsits
Inventors Club If you have ideas for new inventions, patents, even if you have no technical experience, the Inventors Club will help you realize these ideas, and be ready to go to market. Women are encouraged to join and members will act as mentors to help them realize their ideas. Philip Maitland
India Club To provide and assist members in obtaining social, health, academic, and business related information and/or opportunities.  To promote peace, non-violence, and support environmental related issues.  To promote, organize, and support fairs, exhibits, entertainment, and other programs related to East Indian tradition and heritage for cultural exchange and enhancement.  To assist and promote charitable and humanitarian community services in Laguna Woods Village and throughout the nation.  To liaison with local and state government agencies in pursuance of the above objectives Susmita Mukherjee
Investment Club

Provide a monthly open forum for discussion of different types of investments and different methods.

Michael Daillak

Iranian Club
To enhance lasting friendship and to promote common interests among Iranian residents of the Community.  To promote and encourage the preservation of customs, traditions, and heritage of the Iranian culture and language.  To provide assistance to new Iranian residents by familiarizing them with the local community and life style.  To organize and celebrate together the Iranian traditional festivities and other social activities Mina Ford
Japanese Culture Club To enhance lasting friendships and to promote Japanese culture among residents of the Community Mike Osakada
Jewish Cultural Club Dedicated to keeping the Yiddish culture and language alive, recalling the customs and observations of Yiddish forefathers Vivian Ronkin
Jewish Federation and Family Services Coordinates and administers the United Jewish Fund Campaign in the region on a yearly basis as part of the overall United Jewish Fund Campaign.  Furthers the purpose and interests of the Jewish Federation through local information and educational programs Harriet Schwartz
Jewish National Fund Keeps the Community informed of the work, aims, and needs of the Jewish National Fund, plans special events to further the work of JNF, and builds a feeling of friendship and good will among members Aloha Saxon
Jewish War Veterans
Post 680
Serves all veterans regardless of race, creed, or nationality

Emil Welden

Joyful Christian Church  

Richard Yeh
949-208-1380 949-768-4312
Karaoke Club,
Provides singers and friends a place to socialize and have fun. Music and entertainment  provided by Frankie J's entertainment. Judith Oberman
Karaoke Club in Chinese To enjoy life in paradise by providing the opportunity to participate in musical events with a karaoke machine with all songs in various dialects of the Chinese language
Club did not provide.
Kiwanis, Saddleback International service organization dedicated to providing service and filling community needs through 28 committees in such areas as disabled persons, hospital services, education, scholarships, and many other local projects Jim Kane
Komedy Klub Enhance the feelings and enjoyment of the community members.  “Laughter is the best medicine” Ms. Joey Sims
Korean American Club Promotes mutual understanding and friendship for club members Nancy Kwon
Korean Art Class Club We are learning to paint "Western Arts" in class with out instructor. Club did not provide.
Korean Book Club A group to provide assistance to publish books for members of the club, and to promote friendship and harmony among the members. Won Chang
Korean Auto Harp Club Learn and practice music with the harp. Joann Chung


Clubs/organizations are not a part of or affiliated with Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods (GRF). GRF does not endorse, approve, or authorize any particular conduct or activity of any club/organization. Clubs/organizations are solely responsible for their own statements, actions, and/or failures to act, as well as those of their members and guests. Clubs/organizations are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable GRF rules and all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, statutes, codes, ordinances, and regulations. GRF, its managing agent, their directors, officers, and employees will not accept responsibility for a club/organization’s failure to comply with any of the above. Refer to the GRF Recreation Division Policy document, which can be found at (search for “Recreation Policy”), for more information.

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