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List of Clubs A-D

List of Clubs A-D




A.A.U.W. A national non-profit organization empowering women since 1881. Comprised of college graduates (Nursing, Associate Degrees and above) who advocate, educate, research and fund efforts that break through barriers that prevent girls and women from achieving their maximum potential and thereby their contribution to society. Wanda Clifton
AA Ladies Big Book A support group Judy Nussbaum
ACT Laguna Woods To create a Laguna Woods chapter of Act for America, a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization devoted to the education and promotion national and local security. This is done through speakers and discussion groups. Allan Koven
Active Wellness Club To bring more awareness to health and anti-aging through natural remedies. Leslie Carretti
ALNC - A Link: Neighbor Communications Provides residents an opportunity for community involvement. The mission is a collaborative and innovative community centric partnership that is future focused, and committed to preserve and enhance community quality of life. Membership is free. Dawn Johnston
Website To Join
Aero - Space Promotes sociability and fellowship between residents who participated, contributed, and supported aviation/space activities and desire to be kept informed through club programs and trips Ed Read
African American Heritage Club To recognize and celebrate African American culture through social, educational and cultural events Dr. Fran Williams
Aglow International Bible study and prayer and share group Laurel Flinn
Aliso Creek Conservators A group of Laguna Woods Village residents who share an abiding interest in the welfare of the Aliso Creek Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. Elizabeth Morris
ALANON Family Groups A fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems Sheri Jackson
Algarrobo Neighbors and Friends Provides mutual social and informational benefit for the residents of Algarrobo Street in Laguna Woods Village Steven W. Parsons
Aliso Club A women’s organization promoting friendship and providing cultural and educational benefits as well as supporting charitable activities.  Entertainment and lunch programs, card playing optional Betty Battenburg
Alzheimer’s OC Club A purpose driven affinity group that is coming together in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease while cultivating a closer relationship between the Laguna Woods community and the Alzheimer’s Association Sunshine Lutey

American Doctors' Club
Strengthening the diverse aging population in such critical areas as health, socialization, financial security, and fostering ideas through education information, and activities. Club did not provide.
American Italia Club Predominantly individuals of Italian heritage promoting fellowship and civic service.  Provides a yearly scholarship to a deserving student Andy Pampuro
American Legion
Post 257
Renders assistance to Legion members and their families Joe Rainey
Angels Joy To provide community programs and coordinate classes, lectures, seminars and events which may assist in physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual well-being of the participants. Nushin Asgari
Aquadettes Promotes women’s synchronized swimming for fitness and enjoyment.  Presents annual water show

Aquatics Club Promotes swimming at Laguna Woods Village Club did not provide.
Archery Club Promotes safety, good foundational technique and community amongst archers of all levels.

Rod Stroope
Art Association Encourages and inspires creative efforts in painting Jim Gibson
Association of Condos and Co-ops
Dedicated to networking with owners and shareholders to improve the governance and living conditions of Laguna Woods Village. Edward H. Tao
Astronomy Club Promotes interest in and knowledge of Astronomy John Hagge
Baby Boomers Provides baby boomer residents a venue for social networking, entertainment, and cultural activities which address the interests of people in this age group Kathryn Gaskins
Backgammon Club Backgammon has survived because it is a fast, Stimulating, exciting, and fun game. While promoting mental acuity, and stimulating mathematic and strategic thinking, backgammon can also be a simple game of luck. Hassan Mehrkhah
Badminton To enhance the game of badminton for residents.  To support appropriate exercise, good health, sportsmanship, and safe, enjoyable fellowship Bill Hindle
Baha'i Club Bring unity and harmony to our Village by promoting virtues and healthy life in Laguna Woods Village Beverly Dillingham
Beaders Club For those interested in learning beading skills to meet for both formal instruction and to share knowledge Jane Warthen
Beauty Club To encourage, promote, and enchance physical, mental, and spiritual beauty of residents through various events such as: seminars, workshops, shows, consultations, lectures, etc. Club did not provide.
Bicycle Club
Rides throughout Orange County and nearby environs bike paths.  Just bring your helmet, car and bike rack.  Carpooling available.  Join us for fun and exercise Lorna Strathearn
Billiards Club Enhances the enjoyment of billiard players in the community, including advising staff of maintenance needs and suggestions for improving playing conditions in all clubhouses.  Holds tournaments and awards prizes, demonstrates different games, and better trains players by utilizing the volunteer talents of many of the more experienced players

Jack Kamis

Billiards Club
Provides women with the opportunity to learn to play billiards and eight ball

Tracey Stewart
Bocce and Social Club Promotes good fellowship and healthful outdoor exercise

Joseph Santini

Brain Fitness and Ayurvedic Sound Health Invites like-minded Laguna Woods Village residents for classes, activities, and experimental training in principles of integrative brain health. The club envisions a lively membership that engages and takes action with each other to meet and support each other to new horizons of possibilities, sharing the new science and knowledge with friends and family Club did not provide.
Promotes interest in and enjoyment of duplicate bridge in an atmosphere of courtesy, good sportsmanship, and high ethical standards Fran Schwartz
Bridge, Party
ABA Scoring
Social bridge Eric Lemke
Buddhist Club, SGI Applies Buddhist philosophy into daily life and promotes global peace.  Done through the inner transformation of each individual Sally Johnson
Bunco Group Provides an informal social environment for women and men to enjoy various games.  Promotes fellowship and sociability in an atmosphere of courtesy and good sportsmanship Club did not provide.
California Club Membership open to all Laguna Woods Village residents.  Club promotes social and recreational activities. Dinner, dancing, entertainment. Guests are welcome at events. Mary Helen Ruffu
Calligraphy Club To learn Chinese and Korean Calligraphy by brush (art). Byung Gwak
Camera Club Promotes and advances the art of amateur photography and related arts through participation and education.  Also, through scholarships, assists college and public school student
Cannabis Club A non-profit for the purpose of educating, supporting, and informing Laguna Woods Village residents about the uses and issues for medical cannabis and to provide a forum where new patients, their families, and other interested residents can discuss their illnesses and the benefits of medical cannabis treatment in a safe environment Lonnie Painter
Laguna Woods
Medical Cannabis
Cannabis Gourmet Club To educate the residents of Laguna Woods Village on the benefits and features of medical cannabis Club did not provide.
Cantonese Club

A gathering of Cantonese individuals to share friendship

Samuel Tam

Car Club of Laguna Woods

To provide a forum for information exchange regarding cars of all types, and facilitate activities for social and educational enjoyment. Car ownership is not a requirement.

Bradley Friesen

Cat Club Promotes animal welfare in Laguna Woods.  The club has a foster and adoptions program.  Please see our website for information on adoptable cats and lost/found cats Suzanne Stowe
Center for Spiritual Living Laguna Woods
Formerly Church Of Religious Science
  Ellie Levin
Ceramic Slipcasting Club Promotes fellowship and the sharing of knowledge in the ceramic arts Eva Sears
Chabad Jewish Center of Laguna Woods Village To bring the full Chabad experience of observance, celebration, education and community service to the Village. Dedicated to enhance and strengthen Jewish family life in a non-judgemental, personalized environment. Nancy Reichbach
Chess Club Provides facilities for and promotes the playing of chess in the community Charlie Frasier
949-380-1332 Club The purpose of the Chicago Club is to provide a social opportunity, to foster friendships and to stimulate a spirit of mutual helpfulness and loyalty, to the club and its members. It meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. and provides entertainment and refreshments. In addition the club has trips throughout the year. All residents are welcome to join. Sharon Beck
Chinese American Club Enhances lasting friendships and promotes common interests among Chinese residents of the community Club did not provide.
Chinese American Citizens Alliance To promote cultural diversity and respect for American values Dobbin Lo
Chinese Dance Club Practices dance routines, using traditional steps, to Chinese Music. Wai Man Luk
Chinese Social Dance

Provides members with the opportunity to improve their dancing in a social setting that promotes friendship and the Chinese culture.

Terry Mao

Laguna Woods
Under competent direction, prepares for and appears in vocal concerts Joyce Nanchy
Chronically Advantaged Seniors Health Care

Share and exchange health information to enable and encourage rewarding, full function and active senior living.

John Gee

City of Hope
Esperanza Chapter
Supports the work of City of Hope, interprets the ideology, and pilots medical center programs on the same.  Elects delegates to its national convention Marilyn Goldman
Classic Car Club Attend car events and field trips for people interested in classic cars.

Bradley Friesen

Clown Alley,
Promotes high quality clowning, sharing ideas, and serving the community Donna Doucette

Club for Creative Expression
Provides all members the platform from which they will be able to develop and express their individuality through the artistic medium of their choice. Renee Devereaux
College Club Promotes and stimulates the educational, cultural, civic, and social interests of its members

Pat Powell

Community Civic Association A voluntary educational and service organization with membership open to all residents.  It’s purpose is to study governance, management, and other concerns arising in the community, to disseminate information to residents pertaining to such matters, and by appropriate action, endeavor to bring about the resolution of such concerns Denise Welch
Community Concerts Provides a selection of talented artists to perform instrumental and vocal concerts in the community Carol Coppage
Compassion and Choices Promotes education and support for the terminally ill which includes choices, dignity, compassion, and control.  Its ultimate purpose is to support legislation that legalizes its primary goals Marilyn Kappes
Computer Club, MAC Encourages fellowship and exchange of information by those residents interested in the Apple computer Bill Tilley
Computer Club, PC

Encourages fellowship and exchange of information by those residents interested in the PC as a hobby.

Bob Sellards
Concerned Citizens An active interactive group promoting a commitment to peace, social and economic justice, good government, and protection of the environment Diane Bauman
Continental Singers Revives and cultivates traditional songs brought to the USA by emigrants from Europe.  Creates good will through music Club did not provide.
Council Of Catholic Women,
St. Nicholas
Practices devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and assists in preserving the honor of the altar and all things pertaining thereto Myrium Kouri 949-455-9549
Coyote Watch Group To make Laguna Woods safe and secure for reisdents and their pets by eliminating the threat of coyote attacks. Fritze Rodic
Creative Arts Group An opportunity to inspire artistic endeavors including painters, quilters, scrapbookers, knitters, and creative artists. Penni Rubin
Cribbage Club Promotes the playing of cribbage and sponsors matches and tournaments Robert Levy
Dance Club,
American Ballroom
Provides members with the opportunity to enjoy all conventional styles of ballroom dancing in an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere Emile Broadwin
Dance Club,
Provides members with the opportunity to improve their dancing ability and provides entertainment and good fellowship Patricia Gutsin
Dance Club,

Promotes participation in international folk dancing.  Educates about cultural origins, provides exercise, and encourages fellowship
Frieda Gorelick
Dance Club,
Golden Girls
Promote greater appreciation of the cultural and ethnic diversity in Laguna Woods Village by advancing intercultural education through diverse forms of dance and music. Amy Ren
Dance Club,
Laguna International
Promotes folk dancing Miriam Kahn
Dance 4 Fun   Pat N. Chiu
Square Dancers
Provides a congenial atmosphere for residents to maintain, improve, or learn square dancing skills.  Provides square dances from “mainstream” through “A1” as well as “round dance” nights.  Beginner square dance classes start every September Pat Hensley


Village Rounders
To provide residents with a class offering Round Dancing. A sister organization to the Village Squares Dance Club, classes will be held weekly, and a dance social will be held monthly. Round Dance provides good exercise and is a great social outlet. Diane Stroebel
Daughters Of The
British Empire
Financially helps in supporting a home for the aging in Sierra Madre California

Mary McAdara
Democratic Club Contributes to the growth and influence of the Democratic Party, develops leadership to increase party responsibility, maintains and promotes harmony within party ranks Linda Nearing
Disaster Preparedness
Task Force
The Disaster Preparedness Task Force of our community was organized in 1989, and consists of volunteers who function under the Security Department of Golden Rain Foundation. Their purpose is to keep residents aware, informed, and prepared for major disasters. Kathleen Mathews
link to Disaster Preparedness
Discovering Documentary Film Club Provides monthly documentaries from a selection of films about art, nature and science, human experiences, global populations, and thought-provoking ideas CeCe Sloan
Discussion Club,
Discusses current events in a friendly manner Fanny Labin
Dog Club Encourages owners of dogs to be better members of the community. Promotes interest in and proper care of dogs in the community. Ronald Drauden
Dream Chorale Club Group of friends that get together and sing. Danny Jen
Rhythm Of Life
Provides the opportunity for residents to experience the healing power of group drumming and passion for life Jerry Self
Dutch American Club Provides an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie among its members.  Provides programs and entertainment for all to enjoy Edward Reindorp



Clubs/organizations are not a part of or affiliated with Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods (GRF). GRF does not endorse, approve, or authorize any particular conduct or activity of any club/organization. Clubs/organizations are solely responsible for their own statements, actions, and/or failures to act, as well as those of their members and guests. Clubs/organizations are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable GRF rules and all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, statutes, codes, ordinances, and regulations. GRF, its managing agent, their directors, officers, and employees will not accept responsibility for a club/organization’s failure to comply with any of the above. Refer to the GRF Recreation Division Policy document, which can be found at (search for “Recreation Policy”), for more information.

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